Tricks and Treats

5 Nov

October 26th: Though there were no letters nor postcards, the last week of October started with a stamp order for me and a Halloween trinket for the Loganator from my dad.

October 27th: Logan got more mail from my dad, this time in the form of a postcard. Meanwhile I got letters from Tiffany and Brittney.

October 29th: I now “got postcards” from my dad along with Kayla’s letter and a LEP Traveling Journal.

October 30th: Another letter came, this time from Krista.

October 31st: Apparently I could only get letters from Manolo this week if the sender’s name starts with K. Kristy’s letter came along with yet another thing for Logan from my dad. And Rose’s letter came via Pablo.

November 2nd: Logan woke up with what looked like the beginning stage of pink eye. Coming home to my Halloween Movie ATCs after the doctor’s was a real pick me up!

Not pictured: my Rocky Horror Picture Card

Not pictured: my Rocky Horror Picture Card

November 4th: Halloween may be over, but seeing Kari’s festive letter in my mailbox was still a real treat!

Not a very exciting post about post, I know. Our little ninja decided to go as himself for Halloween, and he’s been home with me since Monday because of an especially cruddy cold. He’s doing better now, but my hobby is still a bit of an afterthought. TTFN!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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