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Letters, Shows, and Letters about Shows

25 Sep

September 15th: This time around my mail call is starting with a letter from Allison, the pen pal I’ve had the longest.

September 17th: The bad news is that both mailboxes were empty, but the good news is I was more excited about Logan coming home anyway. I declare his/our first week of preschool a success!

September 18th: I got Kayla’s letter in the mail that afternoon, and picked Tiffany’s up in the evening.

September 19th: Jody’s letter came as I expected, but what I didn’t expect was this puzzle letter from Ashley for me and the Loganator.


September 21st: Not long after I got Logan on the bus, the DirectTV guy came to hook us up– literally– and not long after he was gone the stamps I ordered arrived.

September 22nd: It’s been a good week to have “real” TV, because Laura’s letter has been the only one I received yet. It’s been a good excuse to start letters for Jody and Ashley thanks to the premieres, too.

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I have new episodes of Heroes Reborn and How to Get Away with Murder waiting for me.

Sincerely, Kate