Things to be Treasured

15 Sep

September 5th: Because of Labor Day weekend I was quite happy to get all the mail (and the unicorn!) below. The letters were from Ashley, Laura, and Jen E.


September 8th: After the long weekend I was pleased as punch to get a postcard from Justine and letters from Kari and Marinka, and Logan was pleased to get the Magic Pens my mom ordered for him.

September 9th: Not mail related, but check out the dinosaur Logan won at the arcade!


September 10th: If the postcard before from New Orleans wasn’t enough, Justine also sent me some novelty beads along with her letter. Some blank note cards, too!

September 11th: As per usual, I got Jody’s letter via Manolo. From Pablo I got things like an intro letter from a fellow Michigander and this pirate booty per a Treasure Hunt swap:

Elizabeth from the UK is amazing!

Elizabeth from the UK is amazing!

September 12th: Gabe got yet another firefighter t-shirt, and I got Stephanie’s letter and yet another batch of postcards from my dad.

September 14th: Yesterday was Logan’s first day of school– AHH! I was very happy for the distraction letters from Kristy, Rose, and Leslie provided. He seemed to love it, by the way, and couldn’t wait to get back on the bus this morning.

I find myself incredibly grateful this morning now that Logan’s first day is out of the way. I think I appreciate each of the things I/we got in this post more now than when I received them now that I don’t have that cloud hanging over me. And I even find myself excited about what the next ten days might bring.

All the best, now and always!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

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