Special Deliveries

5 Sep

August 25th: I may not have gotten any letters today, but what I can tell you about the 25th is that Harper’s appointment went very well. Not only is she a healthy puppy, she’s a spoiled one– everyone at the vet’s office was just loving on her.


And of course I loved on her afterward.

August 27th: After two days without any letters, I was relieved to get Jody’s letter from one mailbox and Amanda’s from the other.

August 28th: It’s my sister-in-law’s due date! My nephew didn’t come yet, but Kristy’s letter helped hold me over.

August 29th: I was really excited to hear from Kari once again.

August 31st: August ended not with a bang but a whimper. I’m not complaining though, I love postcards from Kära.

September 2nd: Prior to heading over to Logan’s open house, I acquired a couple things from Pablo like Friendship Books from a LEPeep and a postcard from a postcrosser. His open house, by the way, went well and he quickly was interested in playing legos with the other kids.

September 3rd: After two days without letters I wound up getting two. Thank you, Jody and Kayla.

September 4th: I woke up yesterday morning and found out that my nephew was born the night before! Meet Jack!


I have yet to meet the little guy, but I adore him already. He was 6 days late, just like his cousin Logan, so those extra days really do make all the difference! I love the mail I acquired, but Jack might have been the most special delivery this past week, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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