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Reading Material: August 15th-25th

25 Aug

August 15th: This mail call’s starting off on a high note because I got a package from Ashley, a letter from Krista, a thank you from Mr. and Mrs. Volz, and 3 postcards via postcrossing.

August 17th: Though I got a postcard from Rachel and a letter from Whitney via Pablo, it was Gabe who got some lovin’ from Manolo:


August 19th: As happy as I was to get more postcards from my dad, the highlight of the day was finishing The Good Girl, a book I started just a few days before…

The Good Girl— Mary Kubica. As someone who really enjoyed reading Gone Girl, I took Justine’s recommendation to heart about this book and started reading it as soon as I was able, even if that meant stopping another book I just wasn’t into. I was not disappointed I did this, and now find myself wanting to read even more books like this where you’re not sure where it’s going, but each page reassures you that it will be worth it. I love how The Good Girl is told through three perspectives, and that the two perspectives from back home alternate between before Mia was found and after she returned from the cabin. I do wish things could have worked out better for Mia– she came so close to finally having everything she ever wanted. But alas, finding out this “before” and “after” stuff is what kept me turning pages.

August 20th: Between both mailboxes I got a postcard from Macie and letters from Jody and Rose. Logan also got something from my dad, and it contained this picture:

Notice the shirt? :-D

Notice the shirt? 😀

August 21st: I got a really fat letter from Allison and some awesome mail-friendly stickers from Mayra, a LEPeep.

August 24th: I was rewarded for finishing Allison’s letter over the weekend by getting letters from both Justine and Erika.

Although I’m not looking forward to taking Harper to the vet this morning (just a new puppy check up), I am looking forward to seeing what else the mailboxes may have for me this week, and what book may catch my attention next.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~