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Conner’s Travel Log

20 Aug

I made two gnomes, much like Flat Stanley, to travel from my mailbox to my pen pals’ mailboxes and then come back again. Dominic is still on his first adventure, but Conner is about to depart on his second trip. Before Conner takes off for Florida, I thought I’d post some of the pictures from Round 1 my pen pals have been awesome enough to share– highlights from his travels, if you will.

1st stop: Justine from Maryland

2nd stop: Emily from North Carolina

3rd stop: Erika from South Carolina

4th stop: Nicole from Nebraska

5th stop: Jody from Ohio

6th stop: Me (from Michigan 😉 )

Is it sad that I’m jealous of the little guy because of all the traveling he gets to do? I’d love to spend time with my pen pals, and in a weird way it kind of feels like I got to. Thank you, ladies, for allowing Conner into your homes and for being as kind to him as you’d be to me.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~