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“Fetching” the Mail

15 Aug

Introductions to these mail calls hardly seem necessary anymore as they not only mention the mail I’ve been responding to, but what we’ve been up to. That said…

August 6th: My first letters of the week– Jody’s and Kayla’s–  came today, though I was a bit preoccupied with this arrival to spend a whole lot of time writing…

Meet Harper! She is a beagle we acquired thanks to a FB friend of mine. Getting a puppy is something Gabe and I have talked about for a while, and the planets just seemed to finally align. With the way she plays with the boys yet acts like a lazy housecat with me, I’ve been saying she fits in like a puzzle piece. There’s some puppy kinks we need to work out yet, of course, but no matter how frustrated I get, I don’t regret getting her for a second.

August 7th: Justine also has a beagle so out of all the pen pals I could have heard from, I’m glad it was her today.

August 9th: It’s a good thing I checked in on Pablo Sunday because he had Leslie’s letter and some mail art per my vacation contest.

August 10th: Manolo was so kind to me come Monday. He had a postcard from Kayla, letters from Stephanie and Kristy, and the prints I ordered.

August 11th: Then Pablo showed me love in the form of letters from Jenn and Katy. Speaking of Katy, my PPOTM, check out her most recent doodle:

August 13th:
I was a happy tater tot to A) get my weekly letter from Jody and B) a much, much anticipated letter from Kari.

August 14th: I did get postcards yesterday, just not in the mail! My mom came over yesterday afternoon, and she brought these with her (along with some yummy stuff):

I’m looking forward to seeing what today’s mail has in store for me, and spending the weekend with my two favorite guys and our new favorite dog. All the best!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~

P.S. On the 6th, Kära posted what she received from Jenn per my Secret Santa shop. Wowza!