Secret Santa and the Mail Lady

25 Jul

I’m so glad I decided to post about my post more often. I find myself much more rejuvenated here at Sincerely Kate; I hope you see that below and in the mail calls that follow.

July 15th: My last mail call ended with a “Postcard from Wonderland,” and thanks to Emily this entry is starting with one.

July 16th: Nicole hooked me up with yet another Wonderland postcard, and Jody and Erika both hooked me up with letters.

July 17th: Pablo not only had Leslie’s letter for me, but two envelopes full of tea.

July 18th: Another two envelopes full of tea came today plus a letter from Sarah S.

July 19th: Despite there being no mail because it was Sunday, I still had a great day because the boys and I saw Minions. It was a fun movie, but I kind of feel it should have been straight to DVD and blu-ray rather than released in theaters. And the rich get richer…

July 20th: I got more tea (for reasons you’ll read about later) from both mailboxes. I got some from Kayla via Manolo, and from Charmaine via Pablo.

July 21st: A moving announcement was all that came, so I prepared the ATCs like these for the LEPeeps who hooked me up with some tea.


July 22nd: Neither mailbox had letters for me, but I did get some things I was expecting like tea, a gift for my almost-here nephew, and preschool hoopla.

July 23rd: Finally some letters thanks to Jody, Justine, and Stephanie. *Throws confetti* I also got a postcard from Ashley, and Logan got half a year older.

July 25th: Over the past few years, July 25th has been when I’ve done Christmas in July posts (Exhibit A and Exhibit B), and so I wanted to share some pictures from my annual Secret Santa swap once again, though I only have these two so far:

Speaking of Christmas in July/ Secret Santa, Emily over at Nerd in the Brain borrowed my idea. I signed up, of course, and was given a wishlist that consisted of books, tea, and coffee. It is because of this I acquired all the tea I mentioned above, hehe. I told my pen pals and the LEP how tea was not a forte of mine but that I wanted to give her a variety, and a bunch of people came to my aide, as you can see:


For the record, I sent the person a book too, but I thought the tea would be an extraordinary extra. I have yet to receive either of my gifts, but I don’t doubt they’ll be worth their wait!

Thanks to everyone who sent me anything, and to my mail carrier for making sure I receive/d everything, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate

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