Happy Mail and Other Happy Things

15 Jul

Hello there! In my post from 10 days ago, I told you how I wanted to start sharing my incoming mail here more often. Below you’ll find what I’ve been up to, both via my pen pal hobby and in life in general.

July 6th: I caught up on all the mail I received from the week before just in time to get Kristy’s letter from Manolo and Eileen’s postcard from Pablo.

July 7th: I actually didn’t get anything, but Gabe got the postcard I sent him from Wisconsin, and Logan got a book from the Imagination Library. If you have a child under the age of 5 and they’re not receiving monthly books, you should look into Imagination Library— the best part? It’s free!

July 8th: A cute lil’ note came for me from a LEPeep in FL.

July 9th: It’s  just not a full week if I don’t get a letter from Jody, hehe.

July 10th: Neither mailbox had anything fun for me, so I tackled some crafty pursuits like these ATCS I’ve been meaning to send out. One is the prize I owe June’s PPOTM, and the other is the “trophy” per my Gnome Work contest.

July 11th: I received Kayla’s letter prior to going to my former coworker’s wedding. It’s because of Ashley and Brett’s wedding I didn’t get to respond to her right away, but while Gabe and I were killing time between the ceremony and reception I found note cards, hehe. All in all a great day.


July 12th: No mail on Sundays didn’t stop Logan from getting a huge delivery. Gabe’s aunt saw that a friend of hers wanted to find a home for all her boys’ old toys, and Tia Marilyn claimed them for the Loganator… as you can see.


July 13th: This week started on a high note because I got letters from both Krista and Ashley.

July 14th: And so far, the high has continued. Yesterday Pablo had Charmaine’s letter and another Postcard from Wonderland for me.

This is, what feels like, my first official mail call post since the switch. Sure, there is still a bit of “if we were having coffee” in it, but it’s way more about mail this time around like how I envisioned these new and improved mail calls. I think having these posts 10(ish) days apart has not only allowed me to focus in on my hobby, but mention some things I guarantee I talk about in my letters. I imagine if/when I finish reading anything, this will be a good venue for book reviews. It’ll be interesting, and I think it’s already an improvement. I have a lot to be happy about, and I hope your week is full of happiness, too.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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