June’s Mail Call

30 Jun

June has positively flown by. This time yesterday morning I was in Wisconsin and bam! Back home again. I will tell you more about my trip in a few days as today’s post is mainly reserved for the mail I received over this whirlwind of a month. What else is it reserved for? To tell you that Lisa is the winner of the Gnome Mail Art contest I held– thanks to everyone who voted in my last post!

May 30th: On my last mail day of the previous month, I received Jody’s letter, a few postcards via postcrossing, and even more postcards from my dad for my own use.

June 2nd: Fast forward to my first mail day this month! Pablo not only had Whitney’s letter for me, but these two pocket letters:

June 4th: My last mail call ended with Part 1 of Allison’s letter, and Part 2 of it arrived a little less than a week after.

June 5th: My former roommate sent me a letter along with a few FBs now that she has gotten into pen palling more.

June 6th: Thanks to both mailboxes I had postcards to look at, Jody’s letter to respond to, and scraps to make these ATCs:

June 8th: My week was off to a great start thanks to a postcard from Kayla, a letter from Krista, and the stamps I ordered.

June 9th: Some more K-friendly mail for this K girl: a postcard from Kära and a letter from Kyleigh.

June 11th: Not only did I get a chunky letter from Justine, but a postcard via her recent vacation.

June 13th: My week ended with a letter from my newest LEP pal, Katy, and a postcard from Rachel, also a LEPeep.

June 15th: I checked Pablo on a whim and he surprised me a with a letter, courtesy of a LEPeep named Rose.

June 16th: While I didn’t get any mail today, I did start sending postcards to a couple people in my posse. Thanks to everyone who signed up for that, by the way!

June 17th: Jenn hooked me up with a new Postcard from Wonderland per a lil’ postcard swap.

June 18th: I love when real-life friends– in this case Krista– send me letters because they know snail mail makes me a happy tater tot.

June 19th: Between both mailboxes I had an “extraordinary” day. There was a just-because postcard from Ashley, a letter full of goodies from Jenn, and a LEP pin a member named Arlene was awesome enough to send me.

June 20th: I received the stamps I ordered, and letters from Jody and Allison I could use them on.

June 22nd: Kyleigh’s letter made me incredibly happy, and a surprise package from Erika made me even happier yet.

June 23rd: I received some extraordinary mail courtesy of Sadie and Eileen.

June 24th: Kära sent me yet another postcard this month.

June 25th: Letters from Allison and Leslie arrived in time for me to take them to Wisconsin with me. I also got my brother Doug’s wedding invitation, hehe.

June 29th: Though the letters from Kayla and Jody technically came while I was gone, I got them along with letters from Justine and Krista upon my return.

With any luck I’ll get to see Pablo later today, though with my reply pile being the way it is, maybe it’s for the best that I don’t, hehe. Thanks to everyone who has sent me mail this past month, and to you for making it to this point! This is probably going to be the last mail call like this. With the year being halfway over, I think now is a good time to change some of the things I do and when I do them. Stay tuned 😀

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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