Rollin’ With My Gnomies

25 Jun

Sup, Bleaders? It’s time for me to share the few submissions I received via my Gnome Work mail art contest and for you to vote for your favorite! Here are the entries from the people who rolled with my gnome theme:

Contestant #1: Lisa from New Jersey


Contestant #2: Stephanie from Germany


Contestant #3: Frida from The Netherlands


I’m a bit bummed there were only 3 submissions, though at the same time it made the appearances of these guys that much more of a treat. The results from the poll will appear in my next post (June’s Mail Call), and the next theme will be announced in the post after that. Whether the theme will be something I’d love to see, or something more people will likely be willing to work with, that’s the million dollar question. Stay tuned!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


One Response to “Rollin’ With My Gnomies”


  1. June’s Mail Call | Sincerely Kate - 06/30/2015

    […] June has positively flown by. This time yesterday morning I was in Wisconsin and bam! Back home again. I will tell you more about my trip in a few days as today’s post is mainly reserved for the mail I received over this whirlwind of a month. What else is it reserved for? To tell you that Lisa is the winner of the Gnome Mail Art contest I held– thanks to everyone who voted in my last post! […]

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