May’s Mail Call

30 May

Is it just me, or does it feel like May should not be practically over already? It won’t be long until my dad’s visiting from California, or that we head over to Wisconsin for a family reunion on his side. But enough about June– we need to let May have its day. And before we can do that, I have to show you what I got at the very end of April.

April 30th: Not only did the month end with a letter from Jody, but with all these amazing Disney pins from my brother Doug and future sister-in-law:

(PS: You can see Logan’s here)

May 1st: In my letter to her, I congratulated Kayla on being my first letter sent this month.

May 2nd: I got Justine’s letter, though the day before she got all sorts of birthday gifts!

May 4th: Thanks to Pablo I got a bunch of postcards, and thanks to my dad many of them were blank ones I can use.

May 7th: Jody’s letter arrived as well as a postcard Kayla sent me from Nashville.

May 9th: I participated in #StampOutHunger and seemed to be rewarded with a letter from Kristy.

May 12th: Thanks to Pablo, I had several things to make me smile, like a letter from Charmaine.

May 14th: Both of my mailboxes had a letter and a postcard. Thanks Jody, Jen E., Emily, and Rachel!

May 16th: Though neither box had postcards, they each had letters– Manolo Ashley’s and Pablo Katy’s.

May 18th: Some café friendly stamps arrived, and those have definitely not been acquired in vain.

May 19th: The other chunk of an amazon order came, and Logan has made sure The Incredibles wasn’t bought in vain either.

May 21st: Between both mailboxes I made out very well. I got a tshirt, letters from Jody, Stephanie, and Eileen, and blank postcards from a fellow LEPeep.

May 22nd: My official invitation for my sister in law’s baby shower arrived.

May 23rd: As nice as it was for our checkbooks to come, some letters would have been nicer!

May 24th: I heard from Laura as well as three postcrossers when I saw Pablo last Sunday. I thought this postcard was gorgeous:


May 26th: Manolo made up for the lack of mail due to Memorial Day with letters from Justine, Erika, and my former roommate, and an invitation to a former coworker’s wedding.

May 27th: While I didn’t get any mail today, I did go through the letters I’ve received in the past to downsize them a bit. Instead of just tossing them though, I repurposed several things into this pocket page for Nicole:


May 29th: My last fun mail of the month (so far?) came from Allison, and it was just part 1!

I’m looking forward to the second part of Allison’s letter, but I’m also looking forward to what June has in store for me/us, and not just when it comes to mail.

All the best, bleaders!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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