250 Postcards and Counting

25 May

While people across the United States are celebrating Memorial Day, I’m celebrating the fact that I have now received 250 postcards via postcrossing! Well, I’m celebrating that first thing, too, but before we go over to my in-laws in recognition of those who have served our country, I thought I’d share with you little descriptions of the past 50 postcards I’ve gotten.


It’s wildflower season where this postcrosser lives and the postcard reflected that.


Nothing (practically) starts this postcrossing party off quite like rubber ducks floating in a tea cup, eh?



I have no idea what this girl said, but the water sure looks gorgeous.


I received a postcard a few months back that featured a gorgeous winter landscape. Snow can be pretty when you don’t have to be out in it.


A high school senior sent me a picture of a boat out on the water.

Czech Republic

The three postcards from this country were so up my alley. There was one with a cute little monkey– a tarsier, another with Disney Princesses since that was the closest thing the user had to Alice in Wonderland, and these gnomes:



Though I have no idea what’s up with the illustration of a girl in bikini, I do appreciate the postcard that provided illustrations on how to tie a tie, and the one I received around Christmas that said “Christmas magic, time for laughter and joy.”


A postcrosser near Paris sent me a postcard from Berlin.


Most of my postcards came from Germany this time around, and they included everything from Lemgo to a bike that looked as if it was covered in yarn. To elaborate, there was one that said “You are very first cream,” and another that meant “Home is home” when translated. There were also painted finger tips, a vibrant red flower, an “Adventures of TinTin” cover, a tea kettle, and then one with a torn apart dressing room– that user proceeded to write “Shopping can be exhausting” on the back, hehe.

Great Britain

The London postcard is exactly what I would have bought as I loved the cross between art and landmarks.


I received a postcard featuring the gorgeous Isola Pescatori. The user said she loves her country because of the rich history, and I totally get it.


Thanks to this country’s postcrosser, I got my one Alice card from this batch of 50.


This card needs no description:



The adorable postbox looked like it could be a home for a fairy. Too cute!


The postcard appeared to be a Queima das Fitas memento; the user said it is a big party for students.


There was a snowman as well as women wearing black playing in the snow for starters. There was also a gorgeous wax seal, some tea party goodness, and a comic strip where a man was on a date with an arachnid, haha.


This postcard, obviously, had a plethora of stamps on it– gorgeous!



If the silly frog illustration didn’t make me smile already, knowing something came for me from Slovakia certainly did.

South Africa

I really appreciated seeing a South African man– Gerald Haberman– in traditional dress.


I absolutely loved the Year of the Goat postcard I received earlier this year, and I was also pleased to get a postcard from Fort San Domingo and another that featured some snacks.

The Netherlands

There were postcards from Utrecht and Rotterdam, as well as random ones that included a painting called “Brita (among flowers),” a “Romantic Secrets” comic, and then a postbox.

United States

A fellow Michigainder sent me a postcard of yet another postbox, and I also got postcards from California, Utah, Maryland, and New York. The first was a silly cow illustration from someone originally from Russia, the second an “aunt” farm, the third Blue and Gold Spinnakers via the US Naval Academy, and lastly the cover art from The Great Gatsby.

A while back I changed my wishlist to include things like mailboxes and “something funny,” and it wasn’t until I looked back at these cards that I realized just how much I’ve gotten those sorts of things rather than postcards that feature a certain place. I’m not complaining, just making an observation. I love the fact that such an array of postcards exist, and that postcrossing exists too so I have access to so many of them.

All the best, and happy Memorial Day, too!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~





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