April’s Mail Call

30 Apr

April seems like it has been a pretty slow month for mail for me, though March was nice enough to end on a high note…

March 30th: I received letters from Jody, Jenn, and Kristy as well as a postcard from Othella. Also in the mail was an Easter egg for Logan courtesy of Ashley.

April may not have had a lot of mail for me with the exception of last week, but what I have received is still definitely worth being shared via these Mail Calls of mine…

April 1st: More Easter goodies for the Loganator came as his dad and I decided in lieu of an Easter basket, we’d get him the Cars playset for our Disney Inifinty.

April 3rd: The first of the mail I received this month were postcards. Kayla sent me one and two postcrossers sent me the others.

April 8th: Finally a letter! I love being able to expect something from Jody each week.

April 10th: Four of Othella’s postcards turned up which made us both pretty happy.

April 11th: A couple more postcrossing-friendly postcards came today along with a little letter from Jennifer O.

April 13th: More postcards for me– one from Krista, one from Frida, and four from Othella.

April 14th: Erika’s letter was nice enough to come today.

April 15th: The weather was nice enough I took a walk to see Pablo for the first time. I was so relieved to A) find 4 postcards and a letter from Whitney and B) be given a ride home from my aunt-in-law!

April 16th: I was thankful to get another letter from Jody.

April 17th: Manolo had the below for me, and Pablo also had some “reading material” for me (two letters and a postcard)


April 18th: I absolutely love getting letters from Justine, and the one I received last was no exception.

April 20th: Since Manolo had nothing fun for me, I retrieved a few postcrossing cards and a couple “Gnome Work”  submissions from Pablo.

April 21st: Ashley’s letter came today– she’s been including scraps with each of her letters per my “Junk into Treasure” request and that makes me a happy tater tot.

April 22nd: Manolo had a letter from my former roommate for me, and Pablo had a letter from a LEPeep named Sadie.

April 23rd: Two more letters came via Manolo– Allison’s and Kristy’s.

April 24th: Yet another letter from Jody and also my pocket letter from Jenn.

April 25th: My mail from Pablo seemed to have a certain theme…


April 27th: No mail today. At least not anything remotely considered “happy mail.”

April 28th: Logan got a package from my dad and I, via Pablo, got a letter from Charmaine.

April 29th: There was another package today, though this one was from my mom and it had something for Logan AND me.

Though there hasn’t been as much mail as I would have liked, it just made me love what I received that much more. It also encouraged me to send more via postcrossing, so anticipate some postcard-friendly posts in May 😉

Peace out, April!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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