March’s Mail Call

30 Mar

The time has come yet again for me to tell you about the mail I got over the past month (and then some). First though, I must tell you about something else I received… the results from the polls on the 25th!

First of all, it was abundantly clear (76%) that you want me to continue doing these mail art contests this year. I’m glad I decided to ask because I was definitely leaning towards scrapping it considering how few sheep entries there were. Speaking of, Lisa received the most votes and is therefore the winner! I’ll be sending her prizes soon, and on April 5th I’ll announce the next theme.

But enough about April for now. Here is the mail I received between the 25th and 28th of February:

February 25th: I had a letter in each mailbox– Manolo had Amethyst’s and Pablo Laura’s.

February 26th: In addition to Kära’s postcard, I started receiving birthday goodies. I got two birthday cards and a few lil’ presents from my mom.

February 27th: Another birthday card came as well as Allison’s letter and three books I’ve been wanting.

February 28th: February ended on such a high note. Between both mailboxes there were letters from Jody, Erika, and Meredith, and a plethora of postcards from my dad.

And excluding the mail from today and tomorrow, here is what March brought me:

March 2nd: My first mail as a 28-year-old included another birthday card, Kayla’s postcard, Krista’s letter, and something creepy from someone who found my address in a Friendship Book.

March 3rd: Jenn’s letter came today along with some scraps she gave me to make these two ATCs:

March 4th: Neither mailbox had anything for me, though there was something for the Loganator in both.

March 5th: Like Jenn two days before, Ashley sent me scraps to turn into ATCs:

March 6th: I got my first two cards via the March of Postcards from Othella, and the components to make these ATCs for Allison:

March 7th: This time when I checked both mailboxes, it was me they each had letters for. Jody’s came via Manolo and Whitney’s Pablo.

March 9th: A couple postcards came as well as a letter from Kristy– someone who once asked to be my pen pal on a postcard.

March 10th: Manolo had nothing for me on this day or the one that followed, but fortunately Pablo had a letter from Leslie.

March 12th: I heard from Othella today… just not via postcard(s). I did get a postcard from Frida though.

March 13th: Pablo had some stuff for me once again when Manolo didn’t.

March 14th: Both mailboxes had a letter for me now– Jody’s was in one and Laura’s in the other.

March 16th: I’m pretty amazed that Nancy, my mail carrier, got all this to fit in my mailbox:

There were three packages, eight letters, and a postcard!

There were three packages, eight letters, and a postcard!

March 18th: I was actually relieved that all that came since Monday was a thank you note from a LEPeep.

March 19th: If three postcards from Othella and a purse wasn’t exciting enough, Gabe checked Pablo and came home with all sorts of fun stuff including letters from Jessica and Zoe and this awesome postcard:

Photo credit: C. Laws

Photo credit: C. Laws

March 20th: Another postcard from Othella came today along with a St. Patty’s card from Kayla.

March 21st: Yet another postcard from Othella came, and when Gabe checked Pablo there was a letter from Charmaine.

March 23rd: I was happy to get Jody’s letter and talk about the Glee finale.

March 25th: Just a couple random postcards between both mailboxes, like JCPenney ads from my dad.

March 26th: Every so often my dad sends me a big batch of postcards from California. This was one of those times.

March 27th: I heard from an LEPeep named Louise who shares my March 1st birthday, and I heard from Allison– she has an April 1st birthday, hehe.

March 28th: A couple things from a couple other LEPeeps came via Pablo as well as a letter from Leslie. As for my regular mailbox, there was a letter from Krista, a plethora of postcards– one from Justine, several from Othella, and some I ordered– and Logan got an Easter egg from my pen pal, Ashley.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me anything, and to you for still reading, haha. All the best!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


2 Responses to “March’s Mail Call”

  1. rona simmons 03/30/2015 at 7:06 am #

    Happy Birthday month, and I do hope you received your copy of Postcards from Wonderland!

    • Sincerely Kate 03/30/2015 at 8:18 am #

      I did, thanks! It was one of those packages on that glorious mail day (March 16th) 😀

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