Sincerely Logan #2

20 Mar

I know when people see a post with Logan’s name in it they get all sorts of excited, so I thought I’d warn you now that this post is mostly just going to be of the mail he has received since the last post like this.

You’re still here? Oh good. In the past two months, Logan has gotten a lot more interested in writing the letters in the alphabet, especially the ones that are in his name. He sent out cards to Cole and Elliot around Valentine’s Day, and I got so excited when I saw just how well he did since I don’t force him to practice.


With the exception of that card, I’ve gotten rather forgetful about taking pictures of what Logan has sent. When he decides he wants to “write” someone, he’s usually so excited that he/we can’t be bothered to pause long enough to take a picture before shoving it in the envelope I prepared. Though there are a couple outgoing things included below, most of what’s there is what came in.


Logan also received a few things from a couple of my pen pals (for his birthday) and the son of a fellow LEPeep (just because), but instead of showing you those things– mainly because I don’t know where the monkey guy is at the moment– I thought I’d share with you one of the pictures of Logan from this past weekend!


Gabe and I took the Loganator to see Dinosaur Train Live and we loved watching him as much as he loved watching the show. Seeing his eyes light up was such an amazing feeling, similar to that of seeing a child see the loot Santa brought him, hehe. Logan could very well be a farmer and volunteer firefighter like his dad when he’s older, but knowing that he also seems to love the things his mom does makes me incredibly excited. Sure, he’s a bit too little for things like Phantom of the Opera and Spring Awakening, but there are still many a show that would be worth getting a third ticket for.

Well, I think Logan and I are going to work on yet another letter for Elliot now. Take care, Bleaders!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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