Love Notes Revisited

15 Mar

Last month I shared with you things I love in honor of the day of love, though that merely was the cliff-notes version. I have had plenty of time now to get my thoughts out of my head and into print. I’ll share both my original statements regarding the things I wanted to elaborate more on and the elaborations, of course.

I already got my presents… Well, at least the two things I really had my heart set on. The first was this Day-Timer planner:

The Day-Timer seems to be replacing my OCD book. Not only does it have a section for addresses, the calendar pages (1 week on 2 pages) have become where I log my incoming mail.

retiredHere [was] the picture again since the first quote suggests there should be one 😉 Anyway, I have always liked having a planner, though I don’t like how difficult it is to find one that has the components I’m looking for whenever it’s time to get a new one. With some encouragement from the LEP, I decided to look into Filofaxes or something like it. I found the Day-Timer while Gabe and I were at Staples one day and immediately fell for it, and it had samples of each of the different kinds of calendars inside which made it even better yet. I picked the one I liked best to get more of, as well as new address book pages since the one that came enclosed were fugly. I wouldn’t say I quite got my money’s worth out of it yet as I mainly just use it to log my incoming mail and keep track of addresses, but since I have every intention to use this for the next several years at least, what I can say is that this wasn’t bought in vain.

The second present I already received was this custom mail monster, made for me by Meredith over at MoreToesThanNose. (There will be a more thorough post on Mystique sometime 😉 )

DSCF7886 Again, the quote suggests there should be a picture, hehe. I knew as soon as I saw that Meredith, a fellow LEP member, started making monsters holding onto mail I wanted to order one from her, and as soon as I saw that awesome fur of Meredith’s, I knew that I wanted her to use it for my monster. I could not be happier with how Mystique turned out. Meredith took all of the things I told her– skin to match the fur, for it to be a girl but not girly, and that her name was to be Mystique– and made it work in such an incredible way. She now permanently resides on my nightstand so she’ll look over me at night, wishing me sweet dreams full of awesome mail and creative ideas, hehe. You may be wondering why I wanted to name her Mystique, and that is in honor of the very first pen pal I had. Missie and I have met on several occasions, and I called her Mystique while she called me Roz 😀

Please, please, please check out Meredith’s etsy shop. The money she makes goes towards cancer treatments for Kai, her beloved pug. She has a Go Fund Me page — Kai’s Gonna Kick Cancer’s Butt! — if you’d like to read about Kai &/or make a donation without requesting anything in return… even if I think her monsters are amazing enough that you should order one of those 😉

It was on Valentine’s Day, though, that I/we got something much better than flowers and candy:

There is a hamster in there. It took much deliberation, but we all seem to have settled on the name Buddy.

DSCF7880 Buddy has been such a welcome addition to our family. He’s not the cuddliest thing, but it sure is fun to just watch him do his thing. Hardly a day goes by where Logan doesn’t call Buddy a silly hamster, and I must say that Gabe and I agree that he is very silly. We can always count on him to come out of his little house if there’s food nearby, and to hear him in his wheel when we go to bed– the only time he EVER uses it, haha. Several months ago Gabe and I walked past the Planet Fitness in the mall and talked about how we could never exercise in a place where people can watch you as if you’re fish in an aquarium, and Buddy seems to feel the same way. For something so little though, the peace of mind he has given me has been huge. When Gabe and Logan are gone, I no longer feel as if I’m completely alone like I did when my cat passed away. I hope that with time he won’t mind us holding him without running across our hands like we’re a jungle gym, but for now he’s awesome just the way he is.

Manolo, my regular mailbox, is there for me practically seven days a week, and tries to make my day whenever I see him, though sometimes it’s out of his control.

As for Pablo, the P.O. Box, he is the one on the side. I only see him twice a week, but he knows how to make those two visits worth my while.

I still refer to my mailboxes as Manolo and Pablo, hehe. To those who don’t know me, it might seem like I’ve gone off the deep end by naming them, and maybe I have. Considering how I use both this blog and my FB group updated on what I’ve received though, saying things like “my regular box” and “my P.O. box” got rather tedious rather fast so this seemed like a fun solution. Plus it makes me giggle whenever I tell Gabe to check on Pablo after work, hehe. I still love having both mailboxes. It’s nice being able to see what random stuff I get from Pablo without having to worry about people I barely know having our address, but to still hear from my pen pals regularly thanks to Manolo.

Well, I think that’s everything I wanted to fill you in on a bit more. I hope you loved reading about these things as much as I have loved having them!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



2 Responses to “Love Notes Revisited”

  1. lalumii 03/15/2015 at 9:12 am #

    That little blue monster is so cute! I really like how it turned out. And hamsters do have the odd habit of only running around their wheels at night– hope it doesn’t keep you up!

    • Sincerely Kate 03/15/2015 at 10:39 am #

      I’ve had hamsters before that would use their wheels during the day as well, but this one solely uses his at night. We don’t keep him in any of the bedrooms so though we can hear it, it’s not loud enough to be annoying.

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