February’s Mail Call

25 Feb

Before we dive into February’s Mail Call, I have two more January dates to share with you. I suppose this is the downside of doing these posts in the mornings of the 30th, or in today’s case, the morning of the 25th.

January 30th: While the pizza keychain from Sonnia, a fellow LEPeep, was and is amazing, it would have been nice to get some letters to respond to. Fortunately, I still had a handful of these postcards to sent out:


January 31st: The letter from Erika may have been written back in December, but at least I still got it in January 😉

Now that we addressed that old business, let’s move on to the new! In January I acquired a Day-Timer planner that I adore, and by February it became the perfect vessel to not only log my incoming mail, but write what I want to say in these mail calls:


So without further ado…

February 2nd: While I didn’t get any letters, I still had a happy mail day as I received Ashley and Brett’s save-the-date and some new address labels via vistaprint.

February 3rd: I was able to put two of my new labels to use as I got letters from Justine and Annie.

February 5th: Between both mailboxes I received Mystique, a new rubber stamp, three letters (from Jody, Stephanie, and Leslie), and a thank you note.

February 6th: I was happy to get Sarah’s letter as well as the beginning of our writing project.

February 7th: A much anticipated letter from Kyleigh came today.

February 8th: Pablo didn’t let me down as he had some pretty extraordinary mail for me– letters from Jenn, Jessica, and Laura.

February 9th: In addition to letters from each of them, Ashley also sent along postcards for me and the Loganator, and Kära enclosed a few souvenirs from Disney.

February 11th: The letter from Kari alone would have made me happy, but the stuff in my P.O. Box– three letters and a box from my dad– had me over the moon.

February 12th: This week started to feel like one where everyone decided to write at once. Jody, Kayla, and Kristy’s letters all came today.

February 13th: It was actually a relief to only receive Valentines from Emily today.

February 14th: If the 14th wasn’t already lovely enough, I heard from Justine.

February 15th: Gabe saw Pablo and came home with some extraordinary things like letters from Charmaine and Rose.

February 17th: I received some of my orders from Etsy as well as the USPS. The latter came in handy when I responded to the letter from Krista I also received.

February 18th: Manolo had nothing for me so Gabe paid Pablo– who had a Valentine from Jenn for me– a visit.

February 19th: Manolo still didn’t have any letters for me, but thanks to my dad there was summer sausage via Figi’s.

February 20th: Jody’s letter came along with some washi tape. I used said washi to decorate my letter’s envelope.

February 21st: The last of my Etsy and USPS orders came, as did a letter from Leslie, the inmate I’ve been writing.

February 24th: I received a birthday card… from our insurance company. Like a good stalker, State Farm is there.

I know it’s only the 25th, but without a February 30th I had to improvise. Like I shared my mail from January 30th and 31st above, you’ll see my mail from February 25th- 28th in March’s Mail Call. And you’ll be hearing from me again even sooner! All the best!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


3 Responses to “February’s Mail Call”

  1. devalayer 03/02/2015 at 6:30 pm #

    Seems like a good mail month! Love the first postcard too 🙂

    • Sincerely Kate 03/03/2015 at 12:43 pm #

      I’d be happy to send you one if you’d like, though it does sort of ruin the surprise 😛

      • devalayer 03/05/2015 at 2:03 pm #

        Haha, thank you! That’s fine, I think the surprise is really what makes it. Lovely of you to offer though!

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