Pen Pal of the Month- February

10 Feb

I decided to bring Pen Pal of the Month back this year to give my new pen pals the opportunity to be featured here. Sure, those who have been my pen pals for years still deserve to be acknowledged, so here’s how everyone will get a fair shake! Whether they’re an old reliable or someone I’ve met in the League of Extraordinary Pen Pals over the past year, I put their names into a raffle if I heard from them last month. (Next month’s will be someone I heard from in February and so on.)

I had the first of these raffles on the 1st. Each person, minus Jody, I got a letter from in January was in there once (even if they sent more than one letter), and I was excited to pull out Jenn’s name. I love that the first person from the LEP to be featured here is the first person in that group to ever get an intro letter from me. Meet Jenn! A crafty maven from Brentwood, California.

retiredSK: How do you feel about being Pen Pal of the Month?

Jenn: Yay! I’m excited! This was a very welcome surprise because I am rarely picked when it comes to raffles.

SK: What has been your favorite thing about pen palling?

Jenn: My favorite thing about pen palling has been writing in multiple ways to people all over the world. Some pals I send just postcards, others we just exchange a page each. I like that I never know what to expect from other pals. Getting happy mail is like receiving little surprise gifts every day. You never know what you’re gonna get!

SK: What, if anything, is your least favorite thing about it?

Jenn: Swaps are both fun and frustrating sometimes. However, I always try to remember it’s better to give than receive.

SK: Why do you like writing me?

Jenn: I enjoy writing to you because you’re always very direct and honest. You’re funny and make me crack up with every letter. And anyone that loves Chipotle like I do is cool in my book.

SK: And what do you like about February?

Jenn: I love February because of Valentine’s Day. Hearts and all things pink and red are everywhere. Celebrating love is always a good thing. Plus, it’s another excuse for more snail mail! Sending Valentines is the highlight of the month for me.

I may have enclosed a valentine in the letter I just finished for Jenn. I also sent her this magnet since she chose a homemade one as her prize:


I didn’t know what to expect when I first started writing Jenn last year. I have found that many of the LEPeeps love writing so many other LEPeeps that their letters can be very sporadic, making it hard for someone like me to make much of a connection. Jenn, however, has never made me feel like I’m one of countless others, and so even though there’s the occasional wait for her response, I know that the more time that passes, the more details the following letter is going to entail. I love her letters and the stories about her daughter she tells. I think Logan would get along with Rene as much as I have gotten along with her mom, and I can tell that with time we’re only going to become closer.

Think ou want to become close to a pen pal of your own? The Happsters will gladly find a match for you!

Take care and Happy Valentine’s Day!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


4 Responses to “Pen Pal of the Month- February”

  1. Jenn V 02/10/2015 at 10:12 am #

    Aw, thanks for the kind words!! I’m so glad we’re pen friends 🙂


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