January’s Mail Call

30 Jan

Not going to lie, the absence of Miscellaneous Mondays this year has felt like a weight off my shoulders. I did, however, very much enjoy the 14 “Hail the Snail” posts where I showcased some awesome mail from 2014, so at the end near the end of each month this year you can see/ hear about the awesomeness yet again. Like now, for example.

January 2nd: The first piece of mail I received was this postcard from Russia:


January 5th: My first letter of the year came from Jody which is why she was the first Pen Pal of the Month!

January 6th: This day has always been significant as it’s my dad’s birthday, but this year it was significant because I got my first pieces of mail via the P.O. Box– three postcards via postcrossing. I was especially excited to see this one considering the whole sheepish thing:


January 8th: Logan and I both got letters. His was from his little pen friend in New Jersey, and mine was from a pen friend I’ve had since 2005! Fun fact: When Allison and I first started writing, she lived in New Jersey.

January 9th: Gabe not only checked the regular mailbox for me (which had Sarah S.’s letter inside), but escorted me to the post office to check the one there (which had one from a LEP named Stephanie).

January 10th: I received a letter from the one person from high school I still talk to, at least outside of Facebook. Will she become an official pen pal? I don’t know. What I do know is I’ll keep responding to Krista’s letters for as long as she sends them.

January 12th: As of this day I have received six letters in 2015, and Jody was responsible for a third of them.

January 13th: Though I think it is awesome Logan gets books monthly from Imagination Library, I thought my husband was even more awesome as he picked this stuff up from the P.O. Box for me:


January 15th: While three pieces of mail were quite “extraordinary,” it was the Chipotle gift card from my brother Erik and his wife Mindy that really excited me.

January 16th: In addition to an awesome letter from Justine, I also received this awesome postcard:


January 17th: I love that the first of Logan’s birthday cards came on his due date. I also love that between both boxes I received three letters (from Ashley, Kristy, and Charmaigne) and more blank postcards from my dad.

January 20th: After two days without any mail I was pleased as punch to get two letters. One was from Jody and the other from Amethyst.

January 21st: Nothing but a package for Logan came to our regular address, so I had Gabe check the P.O. Box after work and his trip wasn’t in vain thanks to a letter and an ATC 🙂

January 22nd: Two more birthday cards came for the Loganator.

January 23rd: And another two birthday cards came for him as well as a bit of other fun mail. I also got a postcard from Emily over at Nerd in the Brain.

January 24th: The regular box had both a letter (from Kayla) and a postcard (from Kära) in it for me, and the P.O. Box had a letter (from Eileen) in it, too.

January 26th: Although I got a letter from my birthday buddy, Sarah (AKA S’Moore), this day was a much happier mail day for Logan. He got a birthday card from his Uncle Tom and Aunt Megan, a package from Emily, and his own letter from S’Moore’s little guy.

January 27th: I was excited to see yet another letter from Allison in my mailbox this month.

January 28th: There was nothing in the regular mailbox, but the P.O. box didn’t disappoint– it had a postcrossing card and a nice gesture from Mary over at Snail Mail is Still in Fashion.

January 29th: As neat as it was to get a couple of the things I ordered (like international stamps!), I love that the first person to send me a letter this month was the last person to send me one prior to this post. Thanks, Jody!

I hope you have liked this new feature here on Sincerely Kate. It only makes sense that a pen pal-friendly blog includes the letters from friends the pen pal has received on some sort of regular basis 🙂 . If you have any suggestions for the Mail Calls to follow, I’d be happy (almost) as happy to read them as I am the letters I receive.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


2 Responses to “January’s Mail Call”

  1. Zoe Rose 02/06/2015 at 5:49 am #

    Lovely idea to share your post 🙂 I have just started a blog series with my friend Fiona called send some happy to encourage people to write more letters and send snail mail 🙂


  1. Pen Pal of the Month- February | Sincerely Kate - 02/10/2015

    […] had the first of these raffles on the 1st. Each person, minus Jody, I got a letter from in January was in there once (even if they sent more than one letter), and I was excited to pull out […]

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