25 Jan

Rest assured this post has nothing to do with feet. The following are just things I want to write about, but they don’t necessarily need a blog post featuring each of them. I suppose it’s a bit like “If we were having coffee,” or in my case, not-so-mad tea parties.

Logan’s Birthday

Though we originally didn’t plan to celebrate our 4-year-old’s birthday for 4 days, that is definitely that wound up happening…

Thursday: For kicks and giggles, Gabe and I took Logan to Pizza Hut on his last night of being 3. Not only did we have a gift card for the restaurant, we had one last gift we wanted to pick up for him– The Boxtrolls on BluRay. Logan might have grabbed a balloon too 😛

Friday: The Lognator was up and at’em at 6am ready to tear into his presents. His Planes toy and (replacement) doodler were immediately played with, and once he gets into the swing of things I’m sure he’ll be playing a lot more of the Disney Infinity. But that’s just his gifts from us! Between playing with presents here he went out for McDonald’s breakfast, stopped for a couple sweet treats, visited Gabe’s aunts, napped, decorated his cake, had dinner at his grandparents’, and then spent the night at their house.

Saturday: Around noon we picked Logan and his cubby tablet up from my in-laws’ then headed over to my grandparents’ house for a little pizza party. Logan was so excited to go as my youngest cousins were going to be there, so much so he didn’t eat anything but black olives because he wanted to keep playing with them and the Plasma Car they brought for him. As soon as we got home he wanted some pizza, and as we watched The Boxtrolls he played on his new wheels yet again.

Sunday: Okay, so technically we haven’t done anything yet, but we’ll be heading to the Children’s Museum this afternoon followed by some noms at Logan’s Roadhouse. It should be a fun day, though I think we’re all feeling grateful for this downtime this morning.

Sincerely Logan

In my last post I said that Logan and I would send postcards to four of my readers regardless of where they live or our relationship. Only one person has taken me up on this offer (Thanks, Julie!) so if you’d like one– even if you’re from Bulgaria and have never commented on my blog before– go to Sincerely Logan and tell me so in the comments.

The Year of the Sheep

Another previous post you can look at is my first from this year. It’s a bit of a contest, encouraging anyone and everyone to decorate an envelope or make a postcard with sheep/rams/goats and then send it to my P.O. Box. I will post everything I’ve received on the 25th of March for my readers to pick their favorite from. Go to the link at the beginning of this paragraph for more information, or to the next paragraph if you’re just in need of my address 😉

My Monthaversary

addressAs of today I’ve had this address for exactly one month. I definitely enjoy having this extra mailbox as it has given me some peace of mind; in addition to feeling comfortable leaving it here and in the LEP’s database, I also decided to send letters to two inmates. Though I haven’t received a lot of mail at this address yet, the few letters– including a response from one of the inmates– have already made this whole endeavor worth my while. Shout out to Gabe who has mostly been the one to check it a couple times a week. He may not get why I like this hobby so much, but he’s definitely supportive of me doing it.

Well, that’s all I have for you for now. Take care, Bleaders!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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