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Vari-Kate-ions: December

30 Dec

This is going to be a rather anti-climactic post for the end of 2014, especially since I’m over at my aunt-in-laws’ house because our at&t uverse isn’t cooperating at mine. To be honest though, the internet’s hardly at fault for this particular post as I only have two projects from this month to share: Expectations and Precious Treasure.

DSCF7743When I started Expectations for Othella, I expected to add to a letter between every couple chapters of The Thirteenth Tale about what I wanted to happen, but once I got into the story enough I just wanted to keep going. It was such a relief to tell Othella that the book she sent me wound up exceeding my expectations.

20141221_150932I knew I wanted to use Precious Treasure for Allison, but it wasn’t until I was responding to her last letter that I knew what I wanted to do. I decided to take a few of the odds and ends from my desk and send them to her, as they aren’t necessarily special yet something kept me from throwing them away. There are tickets from the arcade Gabe and I went to since we had time to kill before seeing The Book of Life back in October, a sticker and random card people enclosed in their letters to me, and another card– “The world is made of stories…” one– that I just realized never made it into that blue envelope. Whoops. I guess that piece of treasure is staying with me.

I have every intention of continuing to make things from this list for Othella and Allison next year, though I won’t be showing them off monthly. My game plan is to use one of the theme’s every time I write my two consistent guinea pigs, though maybe not when I sent Othella daily postcards in March like we’ve done before 😉 . I’ll likely do these Vari-Kate-ion posts whenever I have five projects to share.

Until next year!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~