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My Fifth Not-so-Mad Tea Party

22 Dec

I just posted something called “Postcards from Wonderland,” so I’m sure that it surprises no one that I’d use such a title in lieu of “If we Were Having Coffee” here.

Speaking of, if we were having coffee the first thing I’d tell you is that we are all ready for Christmas. Sure, there are a couple of things I need to wrap yet, but I’m just happy we have everything. We started getting things back in September and that has been so convenient– for the first time ever I feel like I/we have really been on top of things. Logan’s birthday next month is a different story. 😛

Anyway! We’re going to see Gabe’s aunts on Christmas Eve, his parents and brother’s lil’ family the day of, and we’ll be seeing my grandparents this weekend. It’s quite possible I’ll also see Othella again– *fingers crossed* As far as New Year’s Eve goes, we have yet to make plans and I doubt we will; these days staying up past midnight just doesn’t sound appealing.

While I haven’t given NYE much thought, I have definitely been thinking about the new year a lot. Things will be changing on SK, most notably me retiring these Miscellaneous Mondays and going back to 6 posts a month. Hope you liked these tea parties while they lasted! I plan to bring Pen Pal of the Month back and am planning to start doing a monthly Mail Call as the sporadic “Hail the Snail” posts will be retiring too. Also coming to SK, “Sincerely Logan” and “Book Nook.” Sincerely Logan will feature the mail Logan gets and sends, and Book Nook will involve book reviews. The former will happen on the 20th of January, March, May, July, September, and November, and the latter on the 20th of the unlisted months.

You may be wondering why I want to commit to scheduled book reviews when I haven’t written one since Gone Girl, but I decided to start reading at least one chapter on the days Logan’s at his grandparents’ and that was just the push I needed. I was able to get past the beginning of The Thirteenth Tale, a book given to me by Othella, and finally get into the story. I’m 314/406 pages in now, and motivated to continue reading after I’m done.

I’m happy to report that my Etsy orders, the ones I mentioned last Monday, arrived the next day! 2 of the 3 are Christmas gifts for me (yes, I order my own stuff per Gabe’s request) so I don’t have my own pictures to share yet, but I can still provide you with the links so you can see what else these awesome artists have to offer…


While all of the above is awesome, this time of year still manages to be a bit sad for me as well. Five years and a couple days ago, one of the nicest guys I have ever known died in a car accident. We worked together at Subway, and even after I quit he still was able to convince me to come in on a couple of the weekends he was working to keep him company. He was just a joy to be around, and I don’t think anyone could have said a bad word about the guy. When I returned to school the following semester we were to write poetry in my Honors English class and one of the lines has stayed with me ever since– “The winter’s fury took my friend who had a life so open. I still think of him when my eyes are closed.”

I really appreciate you meeting me! I’ve enjoyed these tea parties, but am looking forward to trying new things in 2015! Cheers!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~