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Putting the Ass in Assumptions

15 Dec

I’m beating myself up a bit at the moment. I recently ordered a few things from three Etsy shops and was convinced I’d be showing the loot off today, only for none of the packages to arrive yet– Whoops! Tis the season, I guess!

So what to post about instead? Christmas wishlists? Or holiday plans? Eh, I have another post in the works for that stuff, not to mention a tea party planned for next Monday. Hmm.

I keep thinking about assumptions… Recently a pen friend told me how she was surprised she didn’t hear from me yet, and though she’s been the only person to say something, I know she hasn’t been the only person who didn’t get a timely response from me. Those who have been writing me consistently for a couple months or more, you see, know that I respond to letters about as soon as I get them, so if someone doesn’t hear from me as quickly as they normally do, then it IS safe to assume something has happened to one of our letters.

For blog fodder, I asked pen pals, both mine and people in the LEP, what assumptions they have made about this hobby prior to ever writing a letter, and here is what a handful of people were nice enough to confide for me/us:

I thought I’d always write back to everyone who wrote to me, and there would never be a reason not to.

I thought it would be easy to find time to write just one letter…I was a bit wrong. I should be a postcard pal.

It is a lot harder than I expected. Self doubt impacts even just casual writing.

That I wouldn’t get overwhelmed so easily and have no clue what to say!

I never thought I’d write to people who also write to my same pen pals. I’m actually bummed that isn’t the case.

I assumed that I’d hit it off with everyone I thought I’d hit it off with. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by A) being bored with penpals I assumed I’d have lots to write with and B) enjoying the letters of penpals I thought I’d have nothing in common with.

In my innocence, I thought that I would only hear back from a fraction of those to whom I sent an intro, then eventually only have one or two ongoing pen friendships, maybe. So far, wrong and wrong and I am more than okay with that.

I thought I would be prompt with replies. Yeah, not so much.

I thought I would keep it up for maybe 2 weeks and then get bored of it (as I often do with new hobbies, there aren’t many that stick) but a couple of months on I still want to write all the time and feel disappointed when I have no replies left to send.

My incorrect assumption was that nothing would get in the way of my writing.

As much as I would have liked to show you the goodies that are en route, if you assumed I found what I consider silver lining you’d be right. I actually wish I would have thought of THIS post sooner so I could have acquired even more assumptions, but there’s one more I’ll leave you with…

I was really optimistic about finding a pen pal from every state right off the bat, and that I’d have at least one piece of mail to respond to every day once I did.

That one was mine! Ciao!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~

Note: I’m not implying anyone is an ass, at least other than myself– I just couldn’t resist the title 😛