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From the Desk of Mr. Logan

10 Dec

It makes sense that the more a little kid sees his mom or dad enjoying a hobby that he would express an interest in that hobby as well. Though Logan likes drawing in a notebook while he sees me writing in mine, I never considered finding a pen pal for him as he isn’t writing yet. Then one fine day, specifically two days ago, a woman posted something in the LEP group about how her three-year-old son was jealous of her mail, especially now that his big sister is getting into pen palling, too. I immediately thought of her Cole exchanging letters and postcards with the Loganator, and while I was making the arrangements, I also noticed another woman said her four-year-old son, Dylan, would like to receive some happy mail, too, so I contacted her as well.

Logan is SO EXCITED about getting mail, and yesterday morning I taught him his first lesson about pen palling: If you want to get mail, you have to send it! My dad recently sent us postcards from California that featured popular Disney characters and Logan picked out one for each of his new pen pals:

To Cole in New Jersey

To Cole in New Jersey

To Dylan in Texas

To Dylan in Texas

He only doodled on the backs of them a little bit, but I wrote a short note about where Logan got the postcards so Jocelyn and Cindy, the mothers, would have something to translate for their little guys. I think I may have Logan color pictures for them to send out next, and we’ll probably send little somethings for Christmas too.

In case you didn’t notice yet, it’s December. I may have an affinity for mail, but Christmas cards aren’t really my thing as they appear to be sent out of obligation more than genuine sentiment. Sending them has become a bit more fun for me now that I have a secretary to assist me with filling the suckers out, and, to be honest, I think people like my grandparents will get more of a kick out of Logan’s random drawing than of my enclosed message. As Logan finished his first batch of cards yesterday morning he said, “My work here is done.” He’s such a ham, but I love it.

It really excites me to know that Logan has been taking more and more interest in something I love doing so much. There’s no doubt in our minds that he’s going to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a farmer (and volunteer firefighter), but if he deems my hobby even remotely worth his time too it must be something special.

Both Cole and Dylan’s moms have agreed to me sharing the boys’ mail to each other here in the likely event I want to show it (with no addresses, of course), so it’s something you may see in future posts, and something I hope Logan will look back on fondly.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~