Vari-Kate-ions: November

30 Nov

I didn’t do too many projects this month, but I did tackle a few more themes via Variation 1 so I thought I’d share them with you while I still have a bit of November left. The next five on the list were flowers, night, expectations, stars, and hold my hand. So why are there only three projects below? Well, I’m “expecting” to do something for Othella in December I recently told her about, and it made sense to merge night and stars together.

DSCF7557This looked much cooler in my head. I had a plethora of stamps to send to Othella so I thought I’d modify a notecard into one with flowers, and I wasn’t able to fit as much on here without using itty bitty pieces as I would have liked. I feel a little bad about sacrificing some stationery to make this, but hakuna matata.

DSCF7592Not to sound like a broken record, but I think this could have turned out better too. For example, I would have used scrapbook paper with darker blues for the background if I had it. Oh well, A) it beats the crayon drawing I did and B) it will make Emily smile and that’s what’s most important.

DSCF7600I had several ideas when it came to “Hold My Hand” like incorporating lyrics from “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” into my response to Allison’s letter, but with Thanksgiving a few days ago, tracing my hand to make a turkey seemed like the way to go. When she holds my letter in a few days she’ll be holding my hand, haha.

And now for a bit of bad news, next month’s Vari-Kate-ion post will be the last monthly one I do of these. I feel like the new year is the perfect opportunity to start doing something new with them. I mainly plan on using them solely for Allison and Othella where when I’m writing them I will incorporate whatever theme is next on the list. There will be exceptions of course, but it just makes sense to me as they have been the two people to be the most supportive and excited about these projects within a project. The posts about ’em will come every time I have at least five to share. At least that’s the game plan.

And now I must bid you farewell. Best of luck with your own projects!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


3 Responses to “Vari-Kate-ions: November”

  1. nerdinthebrain 12/01/2014 at 7:32 pm #

    I think they all turned out adorable! 😀


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