Hail the Snail #12

3 Nov

Between the sole postcard on Monday and a single letter on Tuesday, I was not expecting this Monday’s post to be a “Hail the Snail” one, but some cool stuff came during the second chunk of the week…

On Thursday I received this journal, but it’s not just any journal…


Back in March a few American LEP members, myself included, decided to pass a book around the four (now three) of us– like a group letter. There are other journals that travel among LEP members, but in most (if not all) of those cases they travel all over the globe and each member usually only gets their hands on the book once. What makes ours particularly awesome is that we each get to continually add to it and see what the others have contributed instead of never seeing what comes after our one and only entry. Plus we never have to pay ridiculous international postage. I’ll be finishing up my third entry at some point today (hopefully) and then sending it off to Kari over in California.

Come Friday I received a letter in addition to a zine made by a LEP member. What’s a zine? It’s a handmade magazine (well, the original is, the rest are copies 😛 ) that some people will sell or send to friends. I got my copy for free since I contributed to it!


Sarah, this zine’s creator, asked me to write an article about the traveling squirrels when I inquired about making a contribution, hehe. Other fun articles include Paper Witch: Mail Sigils and Songs to Write Letters to. Want to buy your own copy? Winged Snail Mail: Iss 1 is available here.

On Saturday I received two things of note. The first thing(s) were these postcards via postcrossing:


And the second was this from Penelope:


In case you don’t remember, I originally sent that to Penelope (also a LEP member), though it had fewer zentangles on it then. It is now my turn to add more to it, then I’ll send it back so she can do the same.

Now, we have some unfinished business to attend to! The first is that Erika won the best Halloween-friendly envelope from my contest last time! *Throws bat-shaped confetti* The other thing I have to tell you about is that the squirrels you saw here, also last time, have now been named. Scroll over their pictures to be introduced.


These critters will be sent off on their journeys today, so hopefully five LEPsters will be having their own good mail days sometime soon. 😀

Have a great week!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


One Response to “Hail the Snail #12”

  1. nerdinthebrain 11/03/2014 at 4:14 pm #

    LOL! Om Nom is the 100% best name ever! 😀

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