Creations Unleashed

30 Oct

In addition to loving mail I also love this time of year. I hoped to receive a bunch of Halloween-friendly mail art, as explained here, but wound up only getting two festive envelopes. Regardless, I will share ’em here and have you pick your favorite!

From Erika:


From Sarah:



The winner will be announced on Monday and something will be sent their way shortly after. I’d definitely like to try this sort of thing again, though it will likely wait until I get a P.O. Box so people who aren’t my pen pals can easily participate too. As a potential participant, dear bleader, what theme would you like me to use via contest early 2015?

Some members of The League of Extraordinary Pen Pals recently made me feel they’d like to see more of the squirrels I made for the group back in May, so in the spirit of “Creations Unleashed” let me show you my latest batch of the things!


These five critters have yet to be named or given personalities; all I really know is that I was inspired by Halloween to make a pirate, a zombie, a clown, a witch, and a princess. I hope that once they’re sent out in the wild their journeys will be safe and all their hosts will have fun with them.

And may all of you beautiful creatures have a safe and happy Halloween!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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