200 Postcards and Counting

25 Oct

It was in October of 2012 that I first started postcrossing, and though I only send a postcard when I have no other reason to put my red flag up, I still enjoy it two years later. Every time I receive 50 postcards, I write a celebratory blog– the first fifty, 100 total, the previous batch. One thing I noticed about this most recent set is that there are more “fun” cards than ones of certain places and things. Sure, there are still a bunch of the latter, but receiving novelty stuff has been a nice change. It really pays to have more of a wishlist– in addition to having Wonderland-friendly postcards on mine I also have gnomes, postboxes, and “something funny” so I think postcrossing users are having a bit more fun when they’re given my address.


Not only did one postcard teach me that “kalyska” is their word for “cradle” (complete will random illustrations), I learned from another postcard that Belarus is in the center of Europe.


Both of the postcards I received from Belgium were sweet like the waffles– one was of a little toddler hand holding a flower, and the other said “Start each day like it’s your birthday.”


Despite the postcrosser from Bulgaria telling me how there are picturesque mountains and breathtaking beaches– her words, the postcard she sent me was of a bird, and it was a drawing, haha.


Both of my postcards from China were more on the traditional side as far as postcards are concerned– one was of The Three Gorges and another was the bust of someone (can’t make out the name) from a museum in Beijing.


One postcard featured the art of Inge Look, and another had the following words of wisdom on it that the postcrosser was nice enough to translate for me: “Create your dreams, sing your songs, dance your dances, use your heart, and enjoy the journey.”


This postcard also featured artwork, this time by Salvador Dali; it appears to be an interpretation of a railway.



In addition to that guy/lighthouse, I also received postcards featuring cities like Cologne, Limberg, Frankfurt, and Berlin, one with the first law from the new democratic Germany, one with a sea dog, and one that looks like a scene out of Brothers Grimm, complete with little elves that almost look like gnomes.

Great Britain

My 200th postcard came from here and it was of a postbox– perfect timing! Another postcard was from a set where an artist went to different countries, in this case Cuba, and photographed families and all their furniture… outside. Hope the artist helped them move the furniture back and forth!


This postcard will make another appearance on this blog sometime 😉



One postcard was an illustration called “The King & The Jester” while another was chosen for my by the postcrosser’s princess of a daughter.


This postcard arrived in the summer so the user from this country told me about her summers over there.


Another fun duo– one was an “Oriental Bar” drawing and another was of a baby orangutan.


There were postcards on all ends of the spectrum– something local, something tribal, something religious, something near and dear to this Alice in Wonderland lover… There was also a couple postcards with a wintery vibe, one that seemed to merge real life with animation, and another postcard that was completely illustrated.


My postcard from Sweden was of both kittens and flowers– how could you go wrong?


The postcard I received from my mom’s chunk of the globe was from a town called Macon– the user described it as being rather dirty thanks to tourists 😛

The Netherlands


In addition to this Dutch postbox I got to see a gorgeous snow-covered church and hill. A 12-year-old boy also sent me a circus postcard 12-year-old-me wouldn’t have been able to part with, and a mom and teacher sent me a random cow.


I also saw a mailbox from here, complete with a cat on top of the fence! Other postcards include one with a dog by some flowers, a winter scene, and a multi-view of Zhytomyr.

United States

This Michigan girl received postcards from North Carolina, Georgia, Washington, New York, and Florida. I’m sure you can figure out which one had the legend of the sand dollar and which one had the KFC with a big-ass bird out front. The laughing gull and fir tree home may be a bit trickier to figure out. I also wrote “Arthur Rackham” in my notes *shrugs*

Well! I hope you’ve had as much fun reading about these blogs as I had receiving them. If you want to start sending and receiving your own postcards definitely check out postcrossing, or at least my original post about it should you have questions. All the best!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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  1. cupitonians 10/27/2014 at 6:50 am #

    Congratulations! A spectacular milestone!

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