Vari-Kate-ions: October

15 Oct

Could it be? Did I actually finish my Vari-Kate-ions by the middle of the month this time around? I guess my decision to make no more than 5 pieces of mail inspired by this list a month was a good one. The five themes I tackled this month were:

  • Cat
  • Tears
  • Sorrow
  • Happiness
  • Under the Rain

DSCF7425Originally I was going to use cat for someone else, but since I double dipped for mother nature last month, that opened me up for making this postcard for The Thellie Kitty, AKA Othella. I cut out pictures from an old calendar and arranged them like so. If only I could arrange to send one of our cats, haha.

IMG_20141013_210259_249Tears was something else I meant to do last month. Penelope, a LEP member, and I once spoke of taking turns doing a zentangle and I thought one of the themes would be a good venue for that. I find the theme I chose a bit symbolic now that I’m so deeply apologetic that I didn’t get around to this in August. It may not resemble tears at all if/when we finish, but I wouldn’t cry over that 😉 I thought about adding more than what I did, but A) I wanted them to still look like tears when Penelope saw it, and B) if we’re going to take turns, why do all of my contributions at once?

DSCF7427When I thought of sorrow I thought of condolence cards, but fortunately none of my pen pals are in need of one of those. I decided I would make a fill-in-the-blank card for Allison to use should she ever need to. Nothing says “I’m sorry” like rhyming luck and suck with another four-letter word!

DSCF7430The thought crossed my mind about making a congratulatory card for Allison to use as well, but then a new pen pal came along who was interested in discussing mental illness as neither of us are strangers to it. After I told her about some experiences of mine, like reaching my breaking point to see my doctor about depression (a trip to the ER was involved), I thought the letter could use some happiness shoved in it– confetti, stickers, stationery– even a random bookmark. I consider myself a very empathetic person, so I’m always going to try to turn a friend’s frown upside down.

DSCF7431It’s been a rainy week so when responding to the letter I received yesterday, I really incorporated the weather. I decorated the paper accordingly and mentioned the weather prior to taking it outside so the raindrops could alter all the ink a bit without making things too difficult to read. And yes, it’s for Allison, too.

Well, hopefully I’m out of whatever rut I was in, though with 2015 on the horizon I’m planning to change things up again soon.

All the best with all you do!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~




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