Vari-Kate-ions: September

30 Sep

If you’re new to this blog of mine, Vari-Kate-ions are when I take a theme from this list and build some fun mail around it. Whether you’re new or a regular here, you should know that I bit off a bit more than I could chew last month, and though I didn’t complete everything that I had yet to get around to, I did do three more projects: Mother Nature, Trouble Lurking, and Foreign.

DSCF7404As I was thinking of Mother Nature I was reminded of this craft project my mom and I did where we ironed leaves between two sheets of wax paper. I used some leaves from my yard to make two postcards– one for each of the LEP members who sent me blank postcards for a Nerd in the Brain endeavor.

DSCF7402Though this project didn’t involve any ironing, Trouble Lurking was much more tricky. I decided I would just decorate Ashley’s letter with some appropriate washi tape and send her a bit of each kind as well. Whoever originally thought to wrap samples around old playing cards is a smart cookie.

DSCF7398I have a postcard pen pal from The Netherlands, named Frida, so anytime I send her a local postcard that’s already pretty Foreign. Well, I decided to use one of the postcards my mom gave me from Taiwan on one of her trips home for Frida to really make this postcard go around the world. I was a bit worried that the odd shape of this postcard wouldn’t be big enough for the international stamp, address, and a little note, but I wound up getting everything to fit on the back quite nicely. Hopefully it doesn’t cause too many issues in the postal system!

I am just about all caught up on my letters from last week– I just have one more to respond to– so I think I may start planning and plotting some Vari-Kate-ions for October. Sure, I still have two themes from August I need to tackle, but I am feeling much more optimistic now that I got some bigger projects out of the way.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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