Book Review: Gone Girl

11 Aug

One thing that I talk to quite a few of my pen pals about is books, and the book that came up in several pen pals’ letters recently is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I decided to look into it online after it came up for the third time, and not only did I like the plot I read, but I liked the fact that Ben Affleck was going to be playing the sociopathic husband in the movie due out this fall. Originally I put the book into my wishlist, but I soon decided that instead of letting the dust settle on yet another book on a proverbial shelf, I’d just ask Justine, one of my pen pals, if I could borrow her copy since she has loaned me a book of hers before.

I was immediately drawn to the writing style– Nick told the story as it unfolded, his wife not only went missing but all of the signs were pointed at him despite his efforts, and the diary Amy wrote filled in the gaps of the events that led up to her disappearance. Normally I like when a book sticks with one narrator, but the two sides is really what set this book apart. Neither of them is the victim they’d like to paint themselves as. If there’s one thing their animosity towards each other proves is that they’ve been perfect for each other. While neither of their actions is justified, you still find yourself feeling sympathy towards both of them and if you’re like me, you even found a spouse to root for (Team Amy). A woman has to really love you if instead of just divorcing you and leaving you with nothing, she devises a way– for over a year in advance– to get back at you for the hurt you did her. Especially in a way that will ruin you of anyone else but her. I mean, we’re talking faking a pregnancy by using someone else’s urine here in addition to the whole disappearing act. And if I’m rooting for her, Nick’s behavior must have been rather revolting as well.

I’m worried that my expectations for the upcoming movie are not going to live up to my expectations, but this trailer excites me.

I’d like to thank Justine for loaning me her book and the other pen pals who mentioned it so I’d ask her if I could borrow it. If we’re pen pals and you haven’t read this book, I definitely recommend getting your hands on a copy because not only do I think it’d be an intriguing read for each and every one of you, I’d love to have yet another thing to talk to you ladies about.

All right, this girl is gone. But just for a couple days 😉
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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