Vari-Kate-ions: June

20 Jun

Long story short: I heard about a list of 100 themes, Variation 1, on Deviantart right before May and soon after, with a nudge from an LEP named Shelby, I got the idea to send some sort of mail that coincides with all of the things on that list. My only rules are that I can’t skip around the list at my leisure and I can’t exceed 10 projects a month. For the most part you can see what I made in May here, but something I made for Shelby showed up in this later post. P.S. That first link will tell you more about this project should this paragraph be too vague for you.

The themes I tackled this month were:

  • Heaven
  • Innocence
  • Drive
  • Breathe Again
  • Memory
  • Misfortune
  • Smile


I wrote to Sophie from England for a while last year until she announced that with everything on her plate she didn’t have time for pen palling. Despite her announcement we still send “just because” mail so I decided to send a piece of Heaven– Kate’s life narrated by an angel named Angelica, haha.

042When I think of innocence I think of children so I knew I’d be having Logan help me out with this one. When I decided to make postcards for Othella, spelling out her name was a pretty easy decision. Logan decorated the fronts with either markers, watercolors, or finger paint, and for the first 7 days in June I wrote messages on the backs.

driveFrom the moment I saw Drive on the list I knew I wanted to utilize a map. I wound up making a little notecard complete with matching envelope for Kära, someone I’d love to drive to see someday. I wrote how I’d love to see both her and Jody in Ohio then road trip to see Justine, Kayla and Allison in their respective states.

002Breathe Again was interesting. I figured I’d wind up doing something artsy for this one, but I couldn’t think of “Breathe” without songs popping into my head. This led me to googling “Breathe lyrics” and picking the second song, Taylor Swift’s, to cover the “Again” part. I then incorporated all of the lyrics into a letter to Sara (eg: “I don’t have access to regular TV so I don’t have a local news story to share with you. I’m not too upset about it cause it’s tragedy and it will only bring you down.”)

004I knew I wanted to use a picture of me from when I was little in honor of Memory, but it wasn’t until I was reading Annie’s letter that this picture clicked. Heck, I didn’t even know I’d be making something for Annie this time around. Obviously I made an ATC and on the back I wrote “I have had many a doll in my day. Some had names like Crista and Lisa while others had names like Thumb and Cup. I assume Beauty & the Beat is responsible for the latter, though “Chip” would have been a much better namesake.

025For me Misfortune was exactly that– a misfortune. I had a vision in my head and this picture is far from it. I wanted to draw a realistic woman having a variety of realistic wardrobe malfunctions. Yeah, without my explanation it might not have been so obvious. I rolled with it anyway, making it into a game for my newest pen pal via the LEP, Kyleigh. It’s up to her to find what makes the girl unfortunate… besides being executed by someone incapable of drawing realistic people. Hopefully Kyleigh doesn’t think the face is supposed to be one of the four things…

001The picture you see on the left was inspired by something out of my old sketchbook. Sure, there are a bunch of things that come to mind with a theme like Smile, but knowing that I’d be making something for Allison helped narrow it down. She recently moved so I made another house-warming magnet this month.

I’d like to thank the ladies above for giving me something else to do this month besides writing letters (and blog posts about writing letters 😛 ), and extra thanks to Allison for providing a new title for me to use for this thingamabobber instead of The Variation Project. More Vari-Kate-ions to come next month!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



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