Happy Postcrossing: Round Two

30 May

A few months back I decided I’d send out all the postcards Postcrossing would let me in one fell swoop and share ’em on here along with my reasons for picking each of them. And apparently it has been at least a month since I sent anything via postcrossing as the site said I had 12 out of 12 postcards I could be sending the last time I registered anything I received. With a nudge from my mother, I decided I would send as many as I could again.

To Schokomaus from Germany:


First up was Schokomaus from Germany. although her page didn’t say much, what was there was very warm and welcoming, as if she considers every postcard she receives like a note from a friend. The postcard, given to me by Allison, was sticking out of my stash so I took that as a sign to use it, sharing a few things about myself I’d tell a new friend like how I go pottery painting every year for my birthday.

To Awl from Taiwan:


Awl was a bit more tricky. He requested “cheerful comics/cartoons” and I’m not sure if concept art from One Man Band fits the bill, but my Pixar set is the closest thing I had and there’s very little still in it. Oh well, at least he also used the word “unpredictable” on his wishlist.

To HeyMadHatter from China:


The next card went to a user in China who said she has been learning to paint. Her username is “HeyMadHatter” so I thought she’d appreciate the abstract roses that Helen Dealtry had to offer. In addition to telling her the usual postcard stuff, I made sure to tell her how much I liked her username, hehe.

To arubatoots from Texas:


A few things struck out at me when I read arubatoots from Texas’ page. The first was that she was an artist, the second was the use of the word “whimsical,” and the third was that she collects fortune cookie fortunes. These things led me to modifying a postcard from my Pattern Box with all the fortunes that have been hanging out in my purse and a bit of washi tape, too.

To Alex_Helena from Belarus: 


This postcard was perfect for Alex and Helena for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it shows all four seasons like they wanted, but it also includes a night view and a lighthouse. The only think that would have made it more perfect for this couple is if it included a clock &/or an old bicycle.

To xelenochica from Russia:


Gabe actually helped me pick out a postcard for xelenochica from Russia. She wanted bright! And retro! and Scenery! and National characteristics! The more I looked at the stash the more potential candidates I had so I stopped looking after 6 because I was torn enough over those. Gabe to the rescue! The boy did good, right?

To HansEngelfriet from The Netherlands:


Hans is a big fan of stamps, and while the stamps on this card aren’t real ones, I’m confident he’ll appreciate the postcard all the same.

To TanyaKalinina from Ukraine:


While I have a bunch of postcards from 42nd Street, AKA Broadway (also courtesy of Allison), reading Tanya’s profile made me think that even though she likes the theatre, the Walk of Fame outside the Chinese Theatre would make her just as happy. I made sure to tell her that Natalie Wood, one of the names featured, played Maria in the movie adaption of West Side Story in case she didn’t already know.

To lucky2002 from Ireland:


This postcard is going to a nice 11-year-old boy from Ireland. On his wishlist he said he’d like postcards of dogs or from famous places. Not only does this one have both of those things, it’s for a young boy so I’m sure he’ll love it, or at least like it quite a bit.

To Mutteri from Finland:


Yes, it’s Goofy again. This postcrosser only had a couple things they wanted listed and one of those things was Christmas cards regardless of what time of year it was. This was the only Christmas-friendly postcard in my possession so I put my set from my brother Doug to use once again.

To TheBekahsaurus from United Kingdom:


Bekah sounded like such a fun, outgoing teenager so she deserved a fun postcard. She said she liked both animal cards and flowery cards, among other things, and this card not only fit the bill but looks good doing it. Random note: there’s zebra print washi tape on the other side because she loves zebras like 15-year-old me liked cows.

To Bibiche from France:


My postcard to this user was my trickiest one yet as her list included donkeys, motorcycles with sidecars, and women. I had a bit of the latter– this postcard or one of a swimsuit model who “looked cold” if you know what I mean. Hope she’s happy with my choice!

I hope all the postcrossers are.

Whenever someone in the LEP mentions how they’ve given up on postcrossing because it costs too much, I’m always chiming in with how I just send one on the days when I don’t get mail. I hope you all have enjoyed this little exception to my rule, hehe.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~



7 Responses to “Happy Postcrossing: Round Two”

  1. Deborah 05/30/2014 at 9:28 am #

    I really enjoyed reading about your process again. My faves? The one you “adapted” for arubatoots and the one for Beckahsaurus. And yes, the boy definitely got it right!

    • Sincerely Kate 05/30/2014 at 9:53 am #

      The Pattern Box definitely had some hidden treasures in there– the two you liked best both came out of there 🙂

      • Deborah 05/30/2014 at 10:02 am #

        FYI, I have been graced with two sets of postcards recently. They, of course, have been set aside for you. 😀

      • Sincerely Kate 05/30/2014 at 10:05 am #

        Sweetness, Thank you, Bessie!

  2. nerdinthebrain 05/30/2014 at 9:35 am #

    I love the pigs! 😀 (Everything else is awesome, too, of course.) 🙂


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