A Variation on Variation 1

15 May

Before you think I’m an ambitious genius, or maybe even just one of those words, what you are about to read was inspired by the wonderful Shelby of Arkansas. Using the site deviantart.com Shelby stumbled upon this list, posted it in the LEP’s FB group, and told us members to pick the theme we’d be interested in receiving a corresponding postcard or letter from, one LEP per number. 

giphy (4)

Guess who is also tackling those 100 themes? In addition to specific postcards and letters, I may also use the themes as writing prompts (e.g. for “Heaven” I could have an angel narrate whatever’s going on in my life as a response to a letter instead of me writing in first-person like I normally do) or inspiration for ATCs and other arts and crafts. Two themes can be used via the same project if they make sense together. Pretty much if it can be mailed in a regular envelope without requiring extra postage, I can make whatever my heart desires for the pen pals who are near and dear to it. I just have two rules. 1) To avoid burn-out I can’t exceed more than 10 themes a month. 2) I have to go in order so I’m not left with nothing but undesirable themes towards the final months.

Right before the month started I asked my pen pals in my FB group if anyone would like some potentially random mail and three of ’em were definitely interested. Emily and Annie aren’t in the group (yet?) but I wanted to include them anyway and I also have a wildcard in the event I hear from Shelby, the woman I mentioned earlier.

Excluding the wildcard, this has been my to-do list this month:

  • Introduction
  • Love
  • Light
  • Dark
  • Seeking Solace
  • Break Away

 So, while these were the ones I had to do this month, I didn’t do them in the order they’re listed after Introduction. I pretty much knew who I wanted to use for each thing available so Love waited until I got Justine’s letter and Break Away Sara’s.

033Not too long ago Allison, the pen pal I’ve been writing to the longest, found the first letter I ever wrote her and shared pictures of it with me. It’s nice to know that some things never change like my love for Ewan McGregor and the fact that I’m quite the goober. Upon this project’s conception I knew I wanted to revisit that original letter, and I couldn’t wait to do it. On May 1st, using notebook paper and crayons/markers like I did back in 2005, I wrote my dear friend yet another letter. Allison thought it was both super cute and super sweet 🙂

sidesStar Wars Day happened a few days later and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make something for Emily with a light and a dark side, even if it meant sacrificing a couple postcards from a silly set of mine. She has Star Wars postcards of her own so she’s bound to love it.

002As I previously mentioned, I waited until I heard from Sara to do her project. After I finished writing my letter, three one-sided pages later, I used a hard edge to “break” the sheets in a way that wouldn’t make ’em a bitch to read later– just one’s broken in the picture so you can visualize it better. Enjoy your puzzle, Sara!

031Next up was the Seeking Solace piece. I knew I’d be writing &/or making something for Annie so my mind kept going to that Geek place. Then BAM! The Fortress of Solitude, AKA Superman’s big ice thingy. I decided to take a handful of the catalogs I’ve received recently and find the things I’d want if I had a world of my own. In addition to having a comfortable thrown I’d surround myself in color, have a plethora of pillows, my feet would never be cold unlike my beverages, and of course there’d be containers of writing-friendly stuff and gnomes on display.

007Last, but not least, was my Love thingamabobber for Justine. I had the most trouble thinking up something for this– not because it was hard, but rather too easy. Though I had several ideas, ultimately I decided to do a zentangle magnet for her and her hubby’s new home.

It’s safe to assume there will be more posts where this one came from, though they might not happen in the middle of the month 😛 If we’re pen pals and you’d like me to include you come June please say so in the comments, and whether you’re a pen pal or not you can tell me I’m ambitious, a genius, or just plain nuts.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


8 Responses to “A Variation on Variation 1”

  1. nerdinthebrain 05/15/2014 at 9:53 am #

    Oh, this whole thing is awesome, but you can probably guess what I think the awesomest bit is! 😀

    (I’m not opposed to joining the FB group, by the way.) 😉

    • Sincerely Kate 05/15/2014 at 9:57 am #

      I tried finding you on FB once but there are several EW’s out there so I just liked your Nerd in the Brain page instead.

      • nerdinthebrain 05/15/2014 at 10:23 am #

        Hehe…yeah, my name is pretty common since I married that JW fella. 🙂 I just got your email, so you’ll no longer need to wonder which EW I am. 😀


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