Hail the Snail #4

28 Apr

I knew this would be a good mail week!


And this was just on Monday! Let’s see! There was a postcard and two letters, a bunch of awesome postcards from NYC Allison picked up for me, a contribution for my deconstructed deco book project, and last, but not least, Ed, the dinosaur we adopted through Nerd in the Brain. Logan and Ed are already the best of buds!


Several more letters came throughout the week, and two of them included some goodies– Sara’s letter had deco tape and samples of her resin pieces enclosed and Emily sent along some out-of-this-world stickers, a pencil, and a postcard. Those weren’t the only goodies I received either; a fellow LEP surprised me with some personalized Alice  in Wonderland stationery and on Saturday my awesome (yet random) order from amazon came 😀

Why yes, I have pictures (I have them in the order I received them, not in the order they were mentioned):

From Sara

From Sara

Alice in Wonderland Stationery!

Alice in Wonderland Stationery!

From Emily (Click the pic to see her blog)

From Emily (Click the pic to see her blog)

Thank you, Amazon!

Thank you, Amazon!

I still have a letter from Saturday to work on, but that’s hardly a complaint! Once I get caught up I’ll definitely be making a dent in that box of postcards, and then maybe I’ll start reading my new book, too 😀

Just so you know, you will not be seeing these Hail the Snail posts as often. They’ll still be around, they just won’t happen every week. I did enjoy this month’s little experiment, but if last week was any indication, some weeks are just not as worth sharing. Thankfully that wasn’t the case this week, hehe.

Hail the Snail!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


3 Responses to “Hail the Snail #4”

  1. nerdinthebrain 04/28/2014 at 10:11 am #

    I’m so glad you liked your goodies…and Ed! 😀 All of your other loot looks fantastic, too! I will miss the weekly mail updates, but I understand that it’s no fun trying to blog about something that just isn’t providing content at the moment. Perhaps you’ll just start getting soooooo much awesome mail that you’ll have to blog about it weekly. 😀

    • Sincerely Kate 04/28/2014 at 10:43 am #

      Not going to lie, I kind of hope that happens once these posts go missing. I’d love for my pen pals to notice the absence and be like “Oh, Kate didn’t get much mail– I want to change that!” Haha.


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    […] mail! Thanks to Kate, I’ve gotten back into postcrossing and entered the lovely world of pen pals. She’s also provided a loving home for one of our plastic dinos in need, so you know I think […]

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