Post Happy Postcrossing

10 Apr

Two months ago I shared the 11 postcards I was sending out via Postcrossing and my reasons for picking each card in a post called Happy Postcrossing. I thought I’d share the messages from each of the recipients this time around since it seems they think I did a rather decent job. I know the following looks a bit jumbled, but I wanted to include each of the pictures again as a refresher, and while you could easily match each thank you with my original post from before, I included my reasonings again, too. These messages are in the order I received them and I should also warn you that I didn’t edit any of the messages I received, not that anything is too horrible.

18<~~ agagarin from Lithuania:
“Hi, very interesting postcard, thank you. have a good time too.”

Why I picked it: “So! This user asked for “nude or erotic” postcards, and though I don’t have any of that stuff laying around here, I do have this Naughty Little People set reserved for such occasions. Part of me hates to part with them, but I think this guy will appreciate this. He did say he liked electronics, too, haha.”

8onion from Germany: ~~>
“Hello Kate! Thank you very much for your lovely flowers-postcard! I really like it! I wish you all the best! Take care!”

Why I picked it: “Although this user said she’d be content seeing a view from where I live, I not only saw her say she’s interested in flowers of all kinds, but noticed her display picture is of flowers, too. I found several postcards with flowers in my stash and picked out the one I knew I’d rather get.”

19<~~ an148 from Belgium:
“Hi Kate, thanks for that card ! It’s really appealing: if I would live so close as you I would also be pleasd to take a ride (or more !!) on the river, for sure :-)”

Why I picked it: “This postcrosser was very specific but in a very reasonable way. He wanted a local view, and he said he preferred cards without any additional pictures or artwork. I decided to send him the above postcard because it’s from a city not too far from here, and there’s so much detail it doesn’t need any of the things he prefers off anyway.”

21ramsteenje from The Netherlands: ~~>
“Hi, Thank you for the beautiful card, I like all sorts of cards, my list in the profile is just to give you some ideas;-)”

Why I picked it: “I like it when people on postcrossing say, “ Send me any postcard you like, doesn’t matter what’s on it. But to make it a little bit more easier for you, here some tips…” This postcrosser said two of her favorite things were famous art and owls. I know those birds aren’t owls and I have no idea if that watercolor’s remotely famous, but I’m thinking she’ll like this postcard anyway. At least I’m hoping she does!”

12<~~ leenaj from Finland:
“Dear Kate, thank you very much for the beautiful three-in-one postcard! 🙂 I must admit I didn’t know much about André Derain before this but now I have studied him a bit and liked his works very much. So thank you for the tip! All the best and Happy Postcrossing!”

Why I picked it: “This postcard fits a few things on this user’s wishlist. Not only is it art (by André Derain), it’s colorful and of a landscape. This postcard belonged to my late grandmother so I’m glad to have sent it along to someone who’s likely to really appreciate it.”

9dinowrath from the USA: ~~>
“Hi Kate! Thanks for the Dino card! I loooove it! I was having a pretty rough day so it was awesome to get something with dinosaurs AND where’s waldo. I hope you’re having a great Wednesday and happy almost birthday!”

Why I picked it: “Once I saw this postcrosser’s name, I thought about the Where’s Waldo card in my possession. Reading DinoWrath’s profile only made me want to give this postcard to her more because not only did she say “send me a puzzle” she just came across as being up for anything.”

13<~~ emma chen from Taiwan:
“Hello, Greetings from the Taiwan and THANK YOU so much for this wonderful card. I’m enjoying it every day on my postcard wall. I wish you all the best and happy postcrossing!”

Why I picked it: “This girl had a wishlist of 20+ things, but I barely had anything from it! I have no idea who Marie-Anne Foucar or Inge Look are so hopefully other people will be able to help her out with those. Fortunately, buried under all the artists (at least I’m assuming they’re artists) was listed “Temple, Museum, & Church” so I found a card from my Hida Takayama set, also inherited from my grandmother.”

7mostovik from Russia: ~~>
“Dear Kate!!! Many many thank for Your post card and Mackinaс Bridge! I like its!!”

Why I picked it: “This postcrosser introduced himself and then immediately started talking about how his biggest interest is bridges. I have several blank postcards with some sort of bridge on them, but because I’m a Michigainder, I thought this guy would really appreciate seeing the bridge that connects Michigan’s upper peninsula to its lower one. Plus it’s such a great picture of it.”

17<~~ ednariley from Canada:
“Hi Kate, Thank you very much for the great Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald postcard. My sister worked as a purchaser for a record company years ago and I have many albums of both of them. I like country music too as does my nephew who helps me. Luke Bryan is coming to our city May 4th. I wish you and your husband and son all the best in health and happiness!”

Why I picked it: “This postcrosser absolutely loves Elvis and I so wish I still had an Elvis postcard to send her, but she’s a music lover in general so I’m hoping she’ll still like this postcard of Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald I have.”

11yanamoroz from Belarus: ~~>
“hi Kate! thank you very much for the star wars postcard i enjoy it!)”

Why I picked it: “Two things stuck out as I read this user’s profile: 1) They’re a fan of Star Wars; 2) They like things that are weird but don’t make a lot of sense. I think this postcard fits the bill here.”

The card to Prakash1959 in India was never registered, but that doesn’t surprise me considering the user’s page was completely empty apart from their address. Allow me to reiterate: “This postcrosser had nada on their profile– I don’t even know if this user is a boy or a girl. In situations like this I play it safe; I give them a postcard from Michigan, usually one I have duplicates of. Reese is actually my hometown and I think it’s hysterical that postcards for that little village exist”

The last user aside, I think I did pretty well at coming up with something that would make each person’s postcrossing experience a happy one. You know, I think I like sending postcards more than I like getting them. 😀

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


4 Responses to “Post Happy Postcrossing”

  1. nerdinthebrain 04/10/2014 at 8:22 am #

    I’m glad everyone liked their cards! It sounds like we have pretty similar card selecting strategies. Well, except for when they don’t include any requests…I look at that as a chance to send out one of my giggledy-jillion cards from comics. 😀

    I’ve been thinking of having some of my own postcards printed. It looks like moo has a pretty good system for that. Have you ever tried anything like that?

    • Sincerely Kate 04/10/2014 at 8:51 am #

      I haven’t… yet! The more I get into ATCs though, the more I’m thinking about making ’em on a postcard scale so maybe they could be mass produced somehow! There’s also a fellow blogger who has done two pictures that I’d love to have made as postcards and he says he’s working on it so *fingers crossed*

  2. Deborah 04/10/2014 at 8:22 am #

    I like reading about your postcards more than I like receiving them! It’s so interesting the way you have a story about why you send each one. 🙂

    • Sincerely Kate 04/10/2014 at 8:52 am #

      I’m nothing (when it comes to ideas) if not obsessive.

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