Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love: Results

17 Mar

Back at the beginning of the month I posted six things about myself. Well five, since one thing was a lie. I asked for those who read it to guess which thing was the lie and now I’m going to reveal which one it really was, though you’ll have to dig a little 😛

1. I once went on a roadtrip to Wichita because a friend I had needed to pick up her belongings, but I just wanted to pick up some burritos and Freezonis.

This one is true. Several years ago, a friend of mine went through a nasty break up. It was so nasty that I bought her a plane ticket so she could stay with me while the dust settled. Eventually it was time to go get her stuff from her ex, so we drove to Wichita with another friend of ours. Chipotle wasn’t really in Michigan as much as it is now back then, so I made a point to get some while we were in Kansas, and I also got a glorious frozen beverage called a Freezoni that the original friend introduced me to when I visited her once before.

2. When I was a junior in high school I was given a makeover by a couple cosmetology students. The girls waxed my eyebrows for the first time ever.

This one is true. One day my mom and I were just sitting in a restaurant, minding our own business, when our waitress approached me asking if I had any interest in helping her with a cosmetology assignment. It wouldn’t cost me anything but a few hours of my time, and with school pictures right around the corner I certainly wasn’t against the free beautifying. Looking back on it it was such a random experience, but it was in fact an experience of mine.

3. I was in my community college’s Honors Program since I did so well on the writing and reading portions on the entrance exam. My math scores, on the other hand, put me into an especially basic math class.

This one is true. I took a couple years off between high school and college, so when the time came for me to finally get to it, it was such a confidence boost to hear that I did so well in the English department considering pen palling was the only writing I did for several years. The same, however, can not be said for math. I’m fine with basic math, but once you factor in fractions or formulas, I have my own F word I use towards math. I’d just like to say that the first class I took in college was amazing, and the guy who taught it wasn’t even a math teacher (he was an engineering prof or something). I think that was the first math class since the 2nd grade I ever got an A in. 😛

4. I’ve been in three weddings, though I could have been in five had the other two couples’ plans not have been changed. 

This one is true. I was a bridesmaid in three weddings: a high school friend’s, the Ashley to my Mary Kate’s, and even my very first pen pal’s.

I was supposed to be in my brother Erik’s wedding when he got married for the first time, but they decided to downsize their bridal party, and I was asked to be in another wedding because I introduced the bride (another girl from high school) to the groom, but they wound up eloping in Vegas.

5. The first international pen pal I acquired was from England, but since writing her I have also started writing women from Taiwan, Ireland, Finland, and Germany.

This one is false. Though I do write women from England, Taiwan, Ireland, and Finland (and am trying someone out from Germany), the first international pen pal of mine was actually from Taiwan. My mom had a few students who were looking to improve their English, and though I wasn’t necessarily interested in any pen pals outside of the United States, I decided to write a few anyway. I only still write one from the original batch, but I don’t regret writing the lot of them.

6.  I have had four broken bones. I broke my left arm twice, my right arm once, and I broke a bone in my right foot, too, thanks to a pesky laptop cord.

This one is true. Unfortunately, haha. I first broke my left arm when I was 5; my brother Tom and I were playing catch inside the house (whoops) and when the ball wound up behind the rocking horse, I had an incident while retrieving it. I was 11 when I broke it for the second time; I went roller skating with some family friends, though considering how little I was on the skates before falling it’s hard to say I really went roller skating that day. The right arm finally got a turn when I was 13 because I slipped on black ice between two cars. As for my foot, one day, when I was 19, I was carrying my laptop from one room to another, not thinking anything of the power cord that was swinging below. I wound up kicking it and when it came swinging back, the power box on it nailed the top of my foot. I remember trying to go into work (Subway) that afternoon only to be sent home soon after. I didn’t think anything was broken but the xrays I had done a couple days later proved otherwise.

Only one of those who guessed was right so kudos to Allison! It pays to have been my pen pal for 7+ years, eh? I couldn’t resist making the statement about pen palling being the lie; part of me thought that might make it too obvious but clearly that wasn’t the case as people mostly thought that #1 and #2 were unrealistic. Thanks to everyone who played along whether you were right or not!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


One Response to “Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love: Results”

  1. nerdinthebrain 03/18/2014 at 9:44 am #

    Very interesting! And I’m so glad to hear about that A in math. ;D

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