From Taiwan and Back Part III

25 Jan

In case you missed the first two parts, you can find Part I here and Part II here. These posts have been an opportunity for me to judge the work of my mom’s writing students who have been learning English as a second language, acknowledging the three I think were best from each class in certain categories. This particular post is regarding her class from Wednesdays.

Most Informative

I picked Enzo’s paper as the most informative. I am assuming that long before she ever showed up for English Composition I she has been thinking about going to Greece. It sounds as though she has known she’d go swimming, that she’d look at the architecture, and that she’d even ride a donkey if she ever got the opportunity to go, so as soon as she was told to describe her perfect day, she just put those ideas down. I could be completely wrong here, but that’s how informative this paper was.

Most Appealing

For this category I chose Rex’s piece. I found it appealing because he seemed to really use his imagination to draw a picture. You could really see  him waking up, eating breakfast, going to the gym, and later playing the most exciting game of basketball. I could practically hear the buzzer and the crowds cheering, and I’m definitely cheering for Rex on the job well done here 😉

Best Utilization of English and Grammar

Elie’s paper, Travel to Paris, was one of the very first I read and honestly, afterwards it was hard for anyone to hold a candle to her in the utilization department. She may have been talking about mostly French things, but I could barely find a fault with her English apart from some excess commas. If she continues to study English, I’m confident she’s going to excel.

Although reading papers while taking a break from housework isn’t exactly my idea of a perfect day, I did enjoy sitting down to read these essays about perfect days with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a pen in the other. This specific batch of students may only be at level 1 (the other three classes are at level 2), but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been doing as good of a job when it comes to writing. Enzo, Rex, and Elie might have won here, but this entire class deserves some acknowledgement! Kudos, guys!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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