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Pen Pal Pet Peeves

30 Nov

In my last blog I shared why I was thankful for my current crop of pen pals, but now it’s time for me to share what makes us pen pals tick! A lot of these pet peeves are my own, but some of my pen pals added to the mix as well and I asked other pen pallers (past and present) I know, too. I mean no offense by this list. If it makes someone out there a better pen pal that’s great, but if not, a handful of pen pals at least got to vent.

Letters that are only a paragraph long.

When a letter could consist of multiple paragraphs yet everything’s crammed into one giant one.

People who spell my name wrong or handwriting I can’t read.

When people spend more time decorating the envelope than they do on writing the letter they enclose in it.

When people only write on shopping list paper all the freaking time.

When I write a long, detailed letter and the response I receive is very short and doesn’t address anything I said. And then they end it with, ” So how are you doing?” And I want to yell, “I just told you how I was doing and you apparently didn’t pay attention to any of it!”

When someone who only lives a couple states away constantly blames me not hearing from them on their letters getting lost in the mail. If I heard this once I’d buy it, but I’ve been fed this more times than I have fingers.

When a pen pal writes me online saying they have an update for me, yet won’t tell me until their next letter. I would just prefer them not saying anything in the meantime at all.

How about when somebody doesn’t write back for a year cause they are too busy with life, but have time to be on facebook all the time…. I don’t understand that at all.

When all the person writes is the same questions over and over again– What’s the gas prices, how’s your family, how’s the weather– and then end it like that. Like why are you supposed to write a letter back when you don’t have anything else to say besides that.

A pet peeve of mine is when someone uses an additional sheet of paper to say goodbye and sign their name. I may use a lot of paper myself, but I don’t like trees dying in vain.

I don’t like it when someone complains about not having any quality pen pals, yet they don’t write letters that are worth their wait.

Having a pal who keeps sending me trash/crap items and expects me to keep sending cute stuff.

When someone from another country immediately asks if they could come stay with me (yes, it totally happened).

Think this list is missing something? Feel free to tell me in the comments below. Or you can share regular pet peeves of yours– I’m not picky!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~