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Fall Into a(nother) Book

5 Nov

Welcome to what will likely be my last book review for a while. Just because I won’t be writing about books doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading them, rest assured! Between the blog series, upcoming holidays, and me just being me, I have plenty of blogs already in the works for the next few months. This time last month I posted Fall Into a Book and though I haven’t read a ton over the past few weeks, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a follow up.

PS, I Love You– Cecelia Ahern. Knowing that he was going to die, Gerry left his wife several notes with instructions to get Holly through “without him” until the end of the year. This, obviously, was a bittersweet book. If you’re the sentimental sort, you might want to have some tissues handy, but if you’re like me you’re going to be wishing your husband was thoughtful enough to do such a thing for you… not that you’d want him to die, of course. I thought that it was strange that the book ended without Sharon having her baby since she was so close to popping, but I was so glad that Holly didn’t wind up with Daniel since it seemed like Ahern really wanted the readers to think that she would. I haven’t seen the movie so I may have to change that, and I may have to read another book of hers I currently have in my possession– Love Rosie… eventually.

Seven Deadly Sins Volume 3– Robin Wasserman. You can read about my thoughts on the first two volumes in my original “Fall Into a Book” blog, and what I’m about to say might make a bit more sense if you did. I got what I wanted most: Adam and Harper got back together after the dust settled. Adam pissed me off a lot in the meantime since he kept helping Beth when he should have been helping himself, but that’s what kept me turning the pages more than anything (I may have even skimmed ahead on more than one occasion– shh!) Both Beth and Miranda never grew on me, though it was nice to see Miranda finally move on from her obsession with Kane; she went from being Harper’s sidekick to someone who didn’t need to be close to someone else to feel like she was just as valuable. And then there’s Kane… Although he’s no longer the object of the redhead’s affections, it was endearing to see the transformation he made, mainly because of her. All in all, Seven Deadly Sins was a very good series that could hold its own against the popular high school dramas you see on TV. Wasserman really seemed to capture each of the characters whether they were the Prom Queen and Queen Bee or a wannabe musician who never performed without taking a hit first. I may reread this series someday or at least see what other characters Wasserman created.

Beautiful Creatures- Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. My dear friend Nicole sent me this book as a surprise when I was organizing Christmas in July for my pen pals. I’ve been meaning to read this for a while now, but considering how I have yet to get sucked into The Mortal Instruments series I wasn’t quite ready to dive into another supernatural story. Until now that is. I was a bit taken aback at first– this is the first book out of everything I’ve read this year that’s been narrated by a boy. I got past the cooties rather quickly; Ethan’s hardly just a jock who thinks about sex every six seconds, though he does have his moments. For being a sophomore Ethan handled his complicated relationship with Lena, a witch caster, with more care and bravery than adults twice his age can even muster. Part of me finds his devotion admirable but the other part finds it unrealistic, and this is a book with a siren and incubi, haha. In general it was a nice story with everything and everyone serving their purposes, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m glad Nicole sent me the book and that we have one more thing we can talk about, though I likely won’t talk about the next installment anytime soon.

Grave Appeal– Kassandra Lea. This e-book was written by a friend of a pen pal of mine; I finished Beautiful Creatures just in time to indulge in this Halloween short story, hehe. I wasn’t anticipating the erotica, especially considering both characters were men, but Lea wrote about the man’s night out with a handsome gargoyle in a way that didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I do feel like the story could have been fleshed out more (e.g. Why was Aiden on the outs with his boyfriend (who, by the way, was not the gargoyle 😉 ) but I’m still impressed that someone I know knows someone who wrote such a thing.

And there you have it! The last few books I read. And now for a bit of writing of my own… My mom participated in this trifecta thingamabobber the other day where after the prompt It was up to her to write the next 33 words of the story however she saw fit.  I decided to do the same below. *insert drumroll here*

It was the first day of November and so, today, someone must die.

As Peyton washed the clothes for the third time she remembered why they smelled like gasoline in the first place. It was that lingering odor that forced them in her possession, after all.

Dasvidania, Bleaders!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~