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100 Postcards and Counting

15 Oct

I have been on Postcrossing for almost a year now, and I now have 100 postcards to show for it! You may be wondering why it took so long, but after I reached my goal of getting/sending 50, I started only sending cards on days I didn’t get any mail to respond to. I “documented” those first 50 postcards I received here, so now it’s time for me to do the same with the newest batch 🙂

Arab Emirates

I have seen Dubai… And learned that AE means Arab Emirates, haha.


I got to see Picnic Bay; the postcrosser who gave me the view also  gave me the tip that it’s an ideal holiday place.


In addition to seeing Minsk and Mockba, I also got to see a cartoon bunny playing tennis with some mice, a picture of an owl, and Dublin, Ireland.


The postcard I received from Canada featured a wood carving entitled “An Old Tree’s Story”.


A geological park in Haikou is what was shown on this postcard.


Someone from here shared an illustration of a family camping with me.


Thanks to the two postcards I received from France I have seen multiple views of both Saint-Tropez and Tourcoing.


I have seen Hamburg, Kassel, Halle, and other destinations postcrossers seemed to like, I learned that Thuringia is known as “The Green Heart of Germany”, and I’ve also been given pictures of ladybugs, a stack of books, and the Eiffel Tower 😛

Great Britain

Despite this sender being from GB, she sent me a postcard from Cyprus, hehe.


Not only did I see the Purple Datura flower, I learned that it’s native of India and also know as Devil’s Trumpet.


The postcards from Japan featured Lake Motosu and the rock garden of Ryoan-ji Temple.


In addition to more than one postcard with a windmill on it, I received a picture of an adorable little girl sunglasses, a 3D picture of a dolphin, and a cartoon version of a real map.


I saw Krakow. At least I think it was Krakow… the postcard made me think that the one place had four different spellings.


In addition to the majority of my “Postcards from Wonderland” coming from Russia, I also got other imaginative postcards like one entitled “Dream on a Thread”. One postcrosser sent me a postcard with the Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon, and another shared this quote with me: “For me, growth begins immediately after I am able to admit my mistakes and forgive myself” -Kimberly Kirberger.


I received a picturesque view of Old Mountain Line Railway and another of Taitung.


In addition to seeing many landmarks (though one postcard was responsible for most of them), one postcrosser also sent me a summer to-do list that included things like reading a book, traveling, and riding horses.

United States

I got scenic postcards from Manitowoc, Wisconsin and Hershey, Pennsylvania, as well as an artsy one from southern California. Other postcards included the presidents, a screen shot from Harry Potter, and Wonderland friendly elements.

If I had a scanner, this American would gladly share some of my favorites from above with you. However, some postcrossers have been nice enough to post images prior to sending their contribution to my humble abode so I thought I’d leave you with a few examples. All the best from Michigan!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~