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Fall Into a Book

5 Oct

Much like when I posted My Summer Reading List, this is an anthology of book reviews since I have too many other ideas to devote entire blogs to each of the books I read.

Deep Fried and Pickled– Paisley Ray. When I wrote my last book review, I wasn’t too impressed with the book I was currently reading on my Kindle to the point I was wondering if I just didn’t like e-reading, but I’m happy to report Deep Fried and Pickled was so much better than Nick Damon’s Shadow of Oz. “Razzle” seems like a girl I’d want to hang out with, but I’d probably pass on any road-trips or parties or road-trips to parties that involve Bridget or Nash. I fully intend to read the other e-books in The Rachel O’Brien Chronicles one of these days— I may not want to hang out with some of the people Rachael hangs out with, but I do like reading about them all so much I’ll look into more by Paisley Ray.

The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June– Robin Benway. The sisters in this book were something else I liked reading about, especially since each sister narrated. This book may have been written for teenagers, but as someone who read and liked The Help, this adult liked seeing another book narrated by more than one person. My favorite of the sisters was May; her extraordinary secret might not have been that cool, but her sarcasm is, in my opinion. If Robin Benway were to write a sequel I’d definitely read it.

City of Ashes– Cassandra Clare. Speaking of sequels, when I first read City of Bones I was in no hurry to read City of Ashes. It’s not that the former was a bad book, it just didn’t live up to the expectations I had after reading The Infernal Devices Trilogy. Those feelings aside I wanted to see the movie anyway. Sure, it was pretty different from the book, but in a good way as there was less fluff (e.g. a teen becoming a rat). I decided to acquire the 2nd of The Mortal Instruments Series after the movie and much like the first installment, City of Ashes seemed to drag on for a while. As the book progressed the story got a bit better and I liked a couple characters more, too, though once again I’m left in no hurry to read the next book.

Seven Deadly Sins Volume 1– Robin Wasserman. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to my faithful bleaders that I was intrigued by a “Seven Deadly Sins” series from the moment I saw them. I liked what I read in Schuler’s bookstore and got the first two volumes then and there (the third was just released a couple days ago), though they fell by the wayside since I had other stuff I wanted to read. I was between books right around the time I posted my last Seven Deadly Sins blog, and since that and Wasserman’s first book were both revolving around lust I took that as a sign to read SDSV1 next- something I finished within a week. There are a few characters I wouldn’t mind being killed off come the Wrath installment, but with the exception of obscure Miranda, I enjoyed how each character’s stories intertwined, making Kaia– AKA trouble in a mini skirt– worth keeping around. I know that $#!% is about to hit the fan with Adam and Harper, but I like him with her more than I ever cared for Beth so hopefully they wind up together if/when the dust settles.

Seven Deadly Sins Volume 2– Robin Wasserman. Of course I read Volume 2 next! I had to know what happened next between Adam and Harper and was curious to see what was going on with Kane and Beth, too. Unfortunately Adam and Harper didn’t last very long; I knew their relationship would implode but I was hoping they’d be together for a while. Just like I was hoping Kane would seduce the ice queen. Kaia has become a favorite character, I like how she is when she’s with Reed and I love how she became a real friend to Harper. What I don’t like: someone stalking her, especially someone who should know better. That said, I hope that once I get my hands on Volume 3 I’ll find out why Mr. Powell wound up in such a small town.

Dead Letter Office– Kira Snyder. While I waited on SDSV3 I decided to read Dead Letter Office, a Kindle book I discovered thanks to The Moody Reader’s blog. The first couple of chapters really caught my attention, and I know if my pen pal Justine were to read it it would catch hers too. What really set this apart from the other books I’ve read this past year was that it was interactive. I loved being able to decide where 16-year-old Celia was going for Halloween, which friend(s) she should ask for help, etc. etc. I like how a letter from the past helped her group of friends solve a recent murder, and I like that even though the book ended nicely, it set it up for more mysteries in more books. Fortunately for me the second book is already available…

Post Mortem– Kira Snyder. This book lived up to the original one, but it’s ending really left me wanting more and there’s not a third installment of The Parish Mail series yet– bah humbug! The good news is that since these books have that “choose your own adventure” element, if I find myself needing a fix before the third book is released I can reread the first two books and choose different paths. The chances of this happening are very likely… even though there were multiple typos in both of the books– I don’t think that’s necessarily Kira’s fault but whoever edited &/or transcribed it.

So all in all, I liked just about everything I read and would recommend most of them, too. If you have any book recommendations for me I’d love to hear ’em, and if you think these books reviews need something else you can tell me that as well. I just started PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern, and the third and final volume of the Seven Deadly Sins series will be here by the time I’m done. Stay tuned for more book reviews and other blogs in general!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~