September Sweeps ’13

30 Sep

Since I did a raffle last September and another one back in March for my pen pals, I won’t bother telling you how they work again. I will, however, share these words from our sponsor (AKA my mother) this time around:

I have always enjoyed my daughter’s writing. I’ve also enjoyed her dedication to writing, particularly with her pen pals. She talks about being OCD about it, but it’s actually amazing to see her binders of the letters she’s received over the years and how seriously she takes her hobby. So when she approached me several months back about sponsoring the prize for September Sweeps, I was happy to do so.

One of the things I love about Taiwan is the amazing stationery stores. While I love Staples and Office Max in the US and miss them terribly while I am away, the stationery stores give me a fix when I need one. So before coming home this past summer with the “prize” in hand, I made a few visits to local stationery stores to pick out things that had been popular with my daughter and things I enjoy as well. It was fun to have a reason to spend some money there, since I can’t justify going to the stationery store just because it’s cool. Well, maybe I can, but this “mission” that Kate gave me made it even more fun. I hope the winner enjoys the prize and has fun with all the goodies inside.

The Prize:

Stationery and some Odds and Ends

Stationery and some Odds and Ends

The Winner:


Congratulations, Kimberlee! I will send your prize to you whenever I’m sending you your next letter! Thanks to everyone who competed, especially Allison and Nicole; you and our winner were entered in the drawing at least 20 times each!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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