Dear Teen Me

15 Aug

Dear Teen Me,

When you’re 26 you’ll stumble upon the book Dear Teen Me, an anthology of letters from young-adult authors to younger versions of themselves. Not only will you want to use the book as a trivia prize, you’ll want to use the concept for one of your blogs.

You’ll lie awake one night thinking about all the things you wish you would have done differently — how you wouldn’t have dated so and so or what you should have done in Forensics instead of the offensive “aboratory” — but I’ll tell you something, Kate, those things are among a plethora of others that got you to where you are now. Go ahead and date since each of those failed relationships bring you that much closer to finding a successful one. And that speech you should have done? It’s get you an A when you take Honors Psychology.

My best advice to you would be to go to college for writing instead of pursuing advertising or play therapy. Not only is writing what you love most, you’re also pretty good at it. Oh, and keep practicing driving after an accident that involves three family members because the more you put it off the more anxiety driving’s going to give you.

Life at 26 is not what you’re dreaming it will be at 16. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just different. I’m sure 36-year-old me will say the same thing to my current self. Try new things, finish what you start, love those who love you, and don’t be so frivolous with your money!  This goes without saying, but I wish you nothing but the best.

Love, me.

.   .   .

Although this is not a book review, I thought I would share a few thoughts about Dear Teen Me in case anyone today is interested in reading it themselves…

First of all I thought this was a really great idea— it was based off which was also a really great idea. I love the thought of a bunch of authors coming together for a single project and not only dealing with their pasts, but helping readers deal with theirs too. Everyone who contributed write regularly for young-adults, and at the end of each letter was a bit about the author, including what they have written. The part of me that used to want to go into advertising is applauding these people. Despite the authors writing for teenagers, as a 26-year-old I still could appreciate all the pearls of wisdom. It’s important to keep moving forward no matter how old you are. Live and learn, rinse and repeat.

Here are a handful of books this book made me want to look into (Will I read them all? Probably not, but the fact I was intrigued enough to jot each of them down says something about Dear Teen Me‘s execution).

  • The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June– Robin Benway
  • Gilt– Katherine Longshore
  • Ten– Gretchen McNeil
  • Twenty Boy Summer– Sarah Ockler
  • The Catastrophic History of You and Me– Jess Rothenberg
  • Mostly Good Girls and Past Perfect– both by Leila Sales
  • Born Wicked– Jessica Spotswood (how would you like to have THAT last name?!)
  • The Date Book– Erika Stalder
  • Small Town Sinners– Melissa Walker
  • Front Page Face-Off– Jo Whittemore
  • How Not to be Popular and Sass & Serendipity– both by Jennifer Ziegler

Well, current-you’s, that’s all I have for you for now! Until the future 😉
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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