My Summer Reading List

5 Aug

I was reading books faster than I could post the reviews for them, so I thought I would tell you what I’ve been reading over the past month or so…

Waiter Rant– Steve Dublanica. This book was recommended to me by my pen pal Michelle around the same time I had the Loganator. I read some of it then, but it wasn’t until my current reading spree that I got past the first chapter. It was a good book full of witty one-liners (e.g. “The Food Network is, quite simply, the Death Star of American cooking”), but it took me a while to find them all. Each chapter ended on a note that wouldn’t leave me wondering what happens next so it was really easy to put down. Despite it not being a fast read for me, this former sandwich artist still really liked it and I hope Allison likes it, too- I sent it to her late last month!

A Stolen Life– Jaycee Dugard. Not only did my pen pal Justine recommend this memoir, she let me borrow her copy. When Jaycee first wrote about her abduction in 1991, she wrote about it as if she was still that 13-year-old girl. I found that style somewhat annoying, but I soon was too distracted by her story to care about the way she was narrating it. I couldn’t imagine going through what she went through all those years- I don’t think I could have done it. If karma exists, and I think it does, I hope it really bites Phillip and Nancy in the butt. I also hope the parole officer(s) who looked after Phillip all those years were reprimanded somehow; how did they not know to look in the backyard? Ridiculous! My annoyances aside, this book was really captivating. I’m so glad Justine let me borrow it!

13 Little Blue Envelopes– Maureen Johnson. I found this book last month when my mom, brother, and I went to Lansing. I grabbed it because it was evidently about letters, but I bought it because it was about something pretty extraordinary… even if it was written for a younger audience. Though I have yet to read P.S. I Love You (or even see the movie), my mom said the premise sounded similar- someone getting letters from beyond the grave. In Johnson’s book the someone was a teenager named Ginny and it was her “runaway aunt” that died from cancer. In the letters she was instructed to go to England and a handful of other countries to see for herself what always kept her aunt moving. Though I would never want a relative of mine to die, I do love the thought of an opportunity like this- Much like Ginny, it’s the only way I would EVER do anything like that. I’ll settle for living through the book. Books if you count the sequel…

City of Bones– Cassandra Clare. Prior to reading the books you’re reading about in this blog, I read The Infernal Devices trilogy, also by Clare. Though that series is a completely separate story from this book, it was a prequel of sorts that introduced its reader into the world of shadowhunters. Between that and this book being released as a movie in a couple of weeks, I wanted to be sure to read City of Bones this summer. The book is divided into three parts and during the first one I kept thinking how I wasn’t going to make it to the second; I just found this book so dull in comparison to the prequels. Tessa is a far better heroine than Clary, Will is more captivating than Jace, and the Magister was more cunning than Valentine. I did manage to read the rest of the book, but I am in no hurry to read the rest of the series. If I didn’t think the trailer looked so good I might have also considered waiting to rent the movie.

The Last Little Blue Envelope– Maureen Johnson. This is the sequel to the book 13 Little Blue Envelopes in case the title wasn’t obvious enough. I thought the first book was so adorable yet endearing that I was interested in reading the second book- so much so that I finished the latter in a little over a day. Ginny has come so far since I first started reading about her and it was a delight to see. She went from being a shy American to a world traveler who decides to attend a university in England. It’s a shame there are no more letters because I would love to see how different she’d be at the end of a third book or even a fourth. (And if Oliver is still around, hehe.)

Shadow of Oz– Nick Damon. A couple months ago I got a Kindle, and between then and now I got several Kindle edition books for free thanks to my “aunt-in-law”. Though I still have several paperbacks I want to read, I thought it was time I read at least one thing via the Kindle (and I’m still reading it). I went with Shadow of Oz since I’m a fan of the Oz franchise in general. And as a fan of the Oz franchise, I thought this book really tried to shove a lot of tidbits in like lines from “We’re off to See the Wizard” and businesses called “Emerald Designs”. Part of me appreciated those things, but a bigger part found it all way too over the top. I’m hoping that the further I get into this, the less gimmicky the book gets.

I leave you now with a great quote from Waiter Rant:

Maybe you’ll never hunt another man through the jungle, my teachers told me. Maybe you won’t climb Mount Kilimanjaro or watch a bullfight in the afternoon- you don’t have to. The world’s a big place. You can’t do or be everything, nor should you. Life is bigger than any one man. But when you read about other people’s lives, when you read their stories, you catch a glimpse of a world bigger than your own. You may never travel a hundred miles from where you were born, but if you read stories, you’ll see the entire world. You’ll enter into the Great Mystery.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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