Method to Madness

25 May

With the exception of responding to letters within a day or two of getting them, I don’t do much via pen palling, blogging, or group moderating without a bunch of planning. I know what stationery I intend to use, have the next 5 blogs already planned out, and when I ask questions in my pen pal group it’s never just because I want to know something like everyone’s favorite songs. There is a method to the madness and I thought I’d share some of it with you now.

For starters, that song question was my way of testing whether a potential Christmas gift would have been a good idea. Several of my pen pals have already shown interest in me organizing a Christmas Exchange where each person contributes enough of something for me to send to each participant, and I have already come up with several ideas for myself. One of my ideas was a mix CD where I incorporate all of our favorite songs along with some others that were mail related like “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” Only one person shared a favorite song so I won’t be sharing the gift of music come Christmas.

sk Another question I asked in my FB group is if any of my pen pals didn’t keep their letters. I have been messing around with “Sincerely Kate” themed crafts and I thought of making a collage using my signatures from old letters I’ve written but alas, like me, my pen pals all seem to keep their letters.

I have written about my “OCD book” before so I won’t write much about it now, but some of the things I made a point to keep track of this year are who I sent valentines and Taiwan postcards to and who has gotten my survey. I have a book idea about people getting married for the wrong reasons and each survey I’ve gotten back has been inspiring some short stories for my anthology, just like I hoped they would.

In another notebook I write out my blogs- both Sincerely Kate‘s and AlphaBits– and then transcribe ’em online, sometimes doing this weeks in advance. Something about using pen and paper makes me feel as if it’s more of a creative process and less like I’m functioning as some kind of automaton. The fact that this blog is aligned with my pen pal hobby I think this method of mine honors that aspect nicely. I also think now would be a good time to thank Gabe’s Tia Jen for never minding when I came over with my beat up notebook (and son!) to use her internet while we were without.

I love being a stay-at-home mom as much as I love pen palling, although sometimes these things aren’t all that simpatico. Instead of trying to sneak out to check the box in case the mail came I always strive to have some some outgoing mail so I can peek out the window and see if the little red flag came down. I have gotten a little bored with Postcrossing as of late so on the days I don’t get any mail to respond to I request an address so I have an excuse to put that flag back up, putting the outgoing mail in the box whenever I retrieve my letters and whatnot.

There are more methods to madness of mine like when I made a new email address to keep wordpress and postcrossing things sorted from the spam folder my entire yahoo inbox became and when I decided how I’d choose Pen Pal of the Month after doing a small poll, but I’m sure you get the idea.  A question is never just a question, and I am just as obsessed with this hobby of mine as ever.

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


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