Pen Pal of the Month- May

10 May

retiredI first wrote Justine in May of 2011 and ever since I got my first letter from her she’s been a favorite. She writes long, chatty letters and responding to them never feels like a chore. I am so fond of this girl; she could write to me about just about anything and I’d be interested.

I asked her the typical questions- how do you feel about being pen pal of the month? what’s your favorite thing about having me as a pen pal?– though she answered them in a not so typical way…

I’m very honored to be pen pal of the month. I started pen palling about 3 years ago writing to a friend in Germany. I haven’t heard from her lately because she has been taking care of her sick mother in South Africa. My favorite thing is learning about other people and their cultures and their everyday lives. I like having you as a pen pal because we have the same sense of humor and you have a good normal outlook on life. Plus we’re the same age and going through the same things. My favorite thing about May is my birthday! My birthday was simple and quiet. Went to dinner with my parents and Andrew. I’m looking forward to a three day weekend on Memorial Day and I’m looking forward to getting married in August!

I’m delighted that Justine is Pen Pal of the Month exactly two years after we started writing, and that this “award” fell in her birthday month. She has been more than a pen pal, she’s a really good friend and she’s going to be a beautiful bride!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


3 Responses to “Pen Pal of the Month- May”


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