Book Review: Julie and Julia

15 Apr

The Book:
Julie & Julia. 2005. Julie Powell, the woman who wrote a book so intriguing it was adapted into a movie I had to see.

The Contender:
Stay-at-home-mom and avid writer, Kate Ruiz was looking for a challenge. Okay, maybe not a challenge but a book to read.

Despite loving shows like ChoppedMasterChef, and Hell’s Kitchen, I don’t care much for cooking. I can make all sorts of food (and make Logan make yummy noises), but I definitely favor stuff I can just throw in the oven or crock pot, knowing they’ll always turn out. I may not be competing on Iron Chef America but regardless of my skills- or lack thereof- I’m still fascinated by shows like it so the more I saw the previews of the movie Julie & Julia the more I wanted to see it, and the more I watched the movie the more I wanted to read the book.

One of my resolutions has been to read more, and when my birthday rolled around last month I realized I wasn’t doing well with it so as a gift to myself I ordered Julie’s book. The game plan was to read a chapter every day Logan was gone for at least 5 hours, and if you know me &/or my in-laws you know this happens fairly often.

I was immediately drawn to Julie’s writing style- had I known about The Julie/Julia Project while she was in the midst of it I would have been one of her faithful “bleaders”. I love how letters Paul and Julia Child wrote were incorporated into the book and there were a handful of quotes I loved enough to jot down…

“Please understand- I love my husband like a pig loves shit. Maybe even more.”

“What did he think the taste of his stir fried cock would tell him about himself?”

“It pissed me off so much I had to go buy some vintage clothes on eBay to get over it.”

There were pages and pages of reviews I read prior to reading the actual book and all the glowing endorsements were well deserved. I hope when I write a book it will be as well received as Julie Powell’s was. PS: I do have a book idea that I’m currently messing around with (with the help of some pen pals), but that’s all I’m going to say for now since I’m paranoid about someone stealing the concept.

Anyway! In no way, shape, or form did Julie & Julia inspire me to take on French cooking, it didn’t even make me hungry for the stuff. I am still very determined, however, to keep trying a new recipe every month. We have yet to do one for April but in March we made a breakfast casserole that consisted of sausage, cheese, an egg and milk mixture, and tater tots. Logan didn’t care for it at all and I didn’t think it was all that special, but Gabe enjoyed it so we may try it again with a few modifications.

Have a recipe you think we should try? Leave it in the comments below! Feel free to leave book recommendations, too. Dasvidania, Bleaders!

Sincerely, Kate ~!~


3 Responses to “Book Review: Julie and Julia”

  1. Deborah 04/20/2013 at 10:22 pm #

    I had some very similar responses to the book. I wasn’t attracted to the actual French cooking either, but the idea did get me thinking more about blogging, quilting, and what I really want to do in terms of myself, not just my work. In fact, while it wasn’t the only factor that influenced me, it was a factor in finally DOING my blog.


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