50 Postcards and Counting

5 Apr

I may never have traveled around the world and I probably never will, but I have had the world come to me thanks to postcrossing.com. This post is in celebration of the first 50 postcards I’ve received 🙂


I have learned that in Belarus they love potatoes like Americans and hockey like Canadians.


I have seen some of the unique architecture Toronto has to offer.


Not only have I seen St. Augustine’s Church, but I have seen an adorable illustration and learned that pandas are their national treasure.


I have seen geese hunting, the picturesque city of Kristinestad in the winter, and the cutest little kitten, too.


I’ve seen Nantes and a more generic view of the Eiffel Tower, I also learned that Macaroni and Cheese is served over there- who knew?


I have been told that “a life without sweets is possible but senseless” and received a postcard  that said “if they want your opinion they will give it to you.” I’ve seen the beautiful city of Aachen, Luftkurot Dahn, and Saxony Wine Street as well as a few other places of no where specific. I have also seen a cute dog, a silly alligator, and a hippo’s head inches from a zebra’s butt.

Great Britain

I have no idea how to describe this one, haha

I have no idea how to describe this one, haha

Hong Kong

I have now seen the view Hong Kong is famous for, and a random Hertz ad as well.


I have seen a holiday friendly view of Liepaja.


I have had “Love other people and they will do the same with you”  translated from Lithanian.


I have seen Cameron Highlands, also known as “Malaysia’s Coolest Hill Resort”.


I have received greetings from Holland as well as Christmas wishes, I even saw a winter card complete with a bowl of pea soup. I have seen a few different views of Gorredijk and, though not technically “from” the Netherlands, a view of Barcelona.


I have seen a lot of scenic views from Portugal.


Not only have I seen the church in St. Petersburg, I have seen nesting dolls, found out there’s 8 months of winter in Nadym, and I received a postcard as if from Wonderland, too.


I have discovered that white horses have been bred in Slovenia for over 400 years.


I have seen the C.K.S. Memorial Hall in Taipei and have become acquainted with the Houtang Cat.


I received a birthday friendly card in honor of my birthday last month.

United States

My first postcard was from a girl from Alaska, but since then I have also received postcards from Oregon, Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, Montana,  Colorado, and Georgia.

My first 50 postcards

My first 50 postcards

I have now received my 51st postcard and am pretty excited for the next 49- 100 postcards here I come! If you haven’t checked out postcrossing.com I suggest you do so right about now 🙂

Until next time!
Sincerely, Kate ~!~


6 Responses to “50 Postcards and Counting”

  1. John Halvorson 04/05/2013 at 9:00 am #

    Howdy, Tater! When I wake up…and put things away from this trip, I’ll have a big batch of postcards to send your way. Not just the ones I got for you in CA, OR, and WA….but that your Aunt Ruth and I found while going through old boxes of photos and paperwork from your grandmother.

    That was an interesting yet melancholy time for my sister and me. Love, Dad

  2. Allison 04/15/2013 at 11:37 am #

    “A life without sweets is possible but senseless.” I agree, Germany. I agree.


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